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  1. The problem was solved after I changed my PHP version from 5.6 to 5.5 . Thank you !
  2. So...insted of downgrading my php version from 5.6 to 5.5 I upgraded to php7. Seems like the problem has been solved. Has anyone had any problem with php7 ? I' m not sure if I should let it at 7 or go for 5.5 !!! Thank you again for your help!!!
  3. Thank you El Patron . I will do that and post here if the problem is fixed or not.
  4. Hi, So my is that when I try to login in front office or create a new account the page just refreshes and nothing happens. I have searched the internet for solving this problem but it seems that nothing helps. site: ideafashion.ro Please HELP Thank you
  5. My prestashop version is and my cart block version is 1.6
  6. Thank you for your answer but can you tell me how can i modify the module?
  7. Hello, I have this problem, when i hook cart block to displaynav and I press SAVE, nothing happens. I don't get any massage that the hook has been saved. Please help
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