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  1. After further investigation, I realized something. In my default settings I was using default values using (true/false), which resulted in Configuration::updateValue() to add the settings to cache, but not to table, which in turn resulted in me not being able to later insert updated values. tldr: Configuration::updateValue() should not add to cache if nothing was inserted. Calling for example: Configuration::updateValue('mykey', false); Will NOT insert into configuration-table, but will add the key to cache, making the configuration-key unmodifiable in db.
  2. Hello, I've been trying to figure out why I'm unable to store certain configuration values. By debugging each step of Configuration.php I noticed something strange. I'm running by the way. The reason why my settings arent being saved is because hasKey() returns true even though there are no row in the configuration table with the key name I specify. For some reason, the one value which contains a longer string value (dateformat) saves perfectly fine, whereas the rest (being binary 0/1 values) will not save to db. The debugging I did was to prior to executing updateValue(key,val) - print out the status of hasKey() and getIdByName(), as there wont be any insertion if hasKey() is true. Am I doing something wrong here or what is going on? Note: If I alter line 412 of Configuration.php to check if stored_value is set IT WORKS: // If key already exists, update value if (Configuration::hasKey($key, $lang, $id_shop_group, $id_shop)) { into: // If key already exists, update value if (stored_value !== false) { Debug log Configuration::getIdByName(HANSA_CHECKOUT_SHIPDATE) = 0 Configuration::hasKey(HANSA_CHECKOUT_SHIPDATE) = 1 Executing Configuration::updateValue('HANSA_CHECKOUT_SHIPDATE','1') Configuration::getIdByName(HANSA_CHECKOUT_UPLOAD) = 0 Configuration::hasKey(HANSA_CHECKOUT_UPLOAD) = 1 Executing Configuration::updateValue('HANSA_CHECKOUT_UPLOAD','1') Configuration::getIdByName(HANSA_CHECKOUT_PHONE) = 0 Configuration::hasKey(HANSA_CHECKOUT_PHONE) = 1 Executing Configuration::updateValue('HANSA_CHECKOUT_PHONE','1') Configuration::getIdByName(HANSA_CHECKOUT_PARTDEL) = 0 Configuration::hasKey(HANSA_CHECKOUT_PARTDEL) = 1 Executing Configuration::updateValue('HANSA_CHECKOUT_PARTDEL','1') Configuration::getIdByName(HANSA_CHECKOUT_DATEFORMAT) = 465 Configuration::hasKey(HANSA_CHECKOUT_DATEFORMAT) = 1 Executing Configuration::updateValue('HANSA_CHECKOUT_DATEFORMAT','yy-mm-dd')
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