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  1. La password della mail che utilizzerai per inviare i messaggi da prestashop
  2. This is the response to my email send in May 2022 at [email protected] Dear Betafer, Thank you for your report. You are right, this credential should be encrypted, this would be safer. I will make sure this is carried out soon to make the software more secure. Best regards, we are in August 2022 and we have installed ps and the security problem is still there
  3. La tabella è ps_configuration tra l'altro nella versione il problema non è stato ancora risolto, ho scritto al team che si occupa della sicurezza di prestashop ancora a Maggio, hanno detto che avrebbero sistemato, attualmente ancora nulla.
  4. Ciao, ti consiglio di segnalare il problema su github https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues
  5. La password non viene salvata nel db, per risolvere dovete modificare la password a mano nel db, tra l'altro è in chiaro 😞 ... ho segnalato il problema a prestashop
  6. I have the error with PHP 7.2, so i don't think is related to PHP version
  7. Hello, i would like to apply a discount in % for a Brand but apply it only if the price of the product is > of an X price with perstashop 1.7 i can only set the % of the discount but not from which price to start I'ts right ?
  8. Sorry, it is clear that as a web agency you do not look at the problems that merchants have: Some cases to change the order: 1) the customer misses the product 2) the customer is wrong 3) the customer wants to change the payment method 4) the customer reverses the billing address with the shipping address 5) some items are not available etc etc The change of the language, however, is used to be able to sell abroad and the customs documents must be in English, currently prestashop makes the invoice in the language of the prestashop employee, in 2020 it should be possible to change the language to automotic without having to enter the database.
  9. Hello, this query is for all prestashop versions ?
  10. Hello, thanks, i found in structure some varchar with different lenght from standard prestashop db structure, i thinks form update problem, but i don't think this can impact on speed.
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