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  1. I see. 3 questions. What is AWP? who is Tomer? and how do I contact him?
  2. Thank you. I checked that site already. I thought Attribute Wizard Pro would do it but it doesn't.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a way to add conditional attributes to my site. An example is: the first attribute is "select lens type" (type A and type If the user select type A a list of options become visible. If the user select type B a DIFFERENt list shows. Then based on a new list a different list is shown based on selection. I hope you get the idea. Is there anyone who know how to do this or is there any modules or plug in that does that? If perstashop canot do that, do you know any other shopping carts that can do that? Thank you Bijan
  4. Anyone has any solution? I have the lastest version installed and it's not showing up either. Bijan
  5. Thank you so much. That did the trick. Authorize.net version 1.2 works. Bijan
  6. Thank you. It's 1.3. Authorize.net AIM (Advanced Integration Method) v1.3
  7. I think the version is 1.3 I wish there was an easy way to upgrade the shop since so much customization has been made to it.
  8. The error I get is: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Tools::addjs() in /home/herstyle/public_html/modules/authorizeaim/authorizeaim.php on line 211 Prestashop version: Version Installed the module from: addon site. Module is set to production and I have entered the correct login id and key. Any suggestion why I get the error and how to fix it? Thank you Bijan
  9. It's fixed now. After I deleted teh database, I went and deleted all the files from modules through FTP and now it works. I am uploading the modules files back on server and it's still working. Thank you
  10. Ok I deleted EVERYTHING from module expect "block category" and it still missing module info on admin. I do have a backup though.
  11. I did that but I get no errors. See screenshot: http://amoremiog.com/modulemissing.jpg
  12. This is URGENT. Anyone? We need to make changes to the site and we can't.
  13. we have a virtual server and I set the memory limit to 128mb
  14. I search and found some suggestions but non of them worked for me: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/100637-solved-payment-tab-and-modules-tab-blank-in-back-office/ Increasing memory didn't solve it. Any suggestions? Thank you Bijan
  15. In admin I set the tax rules to California but every states get charged tax. What am I doing wrong?
  16. I have a client who wants have the menu static. Meaning it won't move if you scroll up and down. See sample here: http://www.chanel.com/en_US/fragrance-beauty/Skincare-Masks-&-Scrubs-89480 Do you guys have any suggestion how it's done or what shopping cart can do this? Thank you Bijan
  17. You're right. I just looked at the old server and I see 2 pdf files. One was CAP and one lowercase. I used the other one and it worked. Thank you so much.
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