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  1. Nu stiu daca asta este rubrica potrivita dar totusi imi incerc norocul. Caut un programator serios care sa imi poata realiza doua module pentru prestashop. Daca sunteti din bucuresti ne putem intalnii sa discutam despre ceea ce am nevoie, pentru cei din provincie putem folosii skype-ul. Rog seriozitate. Va multumesc
  2. the translation folder and the files, then the lang folder in your theme directory, if u are translating modules u have to make sure that the "en.php" file from the module directory is writable and so on...
  3. ok then try to see if your permissions are set correctly on your files, normaly the translation files should be chmod to 777 but please take note that on some servers u need to chmod 755
  4. there is an issue with some server config's try to create a file named php.ini and save it into your admin directory, inside this file you need to put: suhosin.request.max_vars = 2048 suhosin.post.max_vars = 2048 This should fix your problem imediately! at least it worked for me and i was trying to find a solution for this problem for "ages".
  5. sorry but i dont understand french, i downloaded the module but it does exactly the same thing as the original version
  6. Hello Everyone, I have a small problem the RSS Feed only displays the featured products from the home page, can anyone please help me modify the feeder module so that it only displays the new products? Or at least can anyone please tell me if what i am reaching to achieve is possible or not? Thank you, Have a nice day,
  7. hello i tryed the above solution but it doesnt work am i doing something wrong please help. thank you
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