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  1. Hallo I disabled smart cache. How do I Identify the problem? Best regards Nicolaj
  2. Hallo My website is https://selyset.dk Thanks
  3. Please help me.''On category page: https://selyset.dk/afslapning-og-velvaere?page=2 When I want to change page nothing happens. tried dissapeling Navigation filter, and looked everywhere. The link is correct, when I right click and say open in another windows, it works, just not on page. Can anybody help? Best regards Nicolaj
  4. See attached. It is possible to do something, so it doesnt show all the text, so it is in perfect ordrer istead og to the left and right? Best regards Nicolaj
  5. Hallo I am getting the error I have attached. So I cant edit any modules or install new ones?' Can anyone help please. Best regards. Nicolaj
  6. This worked. Thank you. But now it is on the top.
  7. https://fashion4men.dk The image is transparent. Best regards Nicolaj
  8. I have a problem with two files, so my site isn't mobile friendly according to google. Kan anybody help? What can I do? Thanks
  9. Hey everybody I have attached an image. I can't remove the white background behind my logo. I tried all that I know. There is no white in the logo file Can anybody help? Thanks. Have a nice weekend. Best Regards Nicolaj
  10. Please help I can't get to rewrite URL's. The urls shows like this https://selyset.dk/index.php?category_rewrite=led-belysning&controller=category When I go to seo & url setting under "set up url" the friendly url button is gone. See Picture. I have smart seo module and friendly url module. Can anybody help? Thanks Best Regards Selyset.dk
  11. Please help I get this message. TECHNICAL ERROR: Request Failed Details:Error thrown: [object Object]Text status: error I have tried everything and searched the web and found plenty of discussions, but it is still there. My domain is http://selyset.dk Please help me. Best Regards Nicolaj
  12. Hallo everybody Thanks for taking the time to read my wishes. Is there anybody WHO can configure this module to autosend email with codes that are autoordered at codeswholesale.com Right now, when a costumer buys a code, it automatically ordred and shows on ordersite backoffice. My wishes is that it can be automatically sent when payment accepted. Can anybody give me an offer for configuering this? Best regards Nicolaj
  13. Help My costumers can't check out as guests or create account. Its. http://selyset.dk Please help.
  14. Hallo My shop is having so many processes going at all time (I can see from server information), that my page can't load. Is there somewhere I can disable all modules from css files? Thanks. Best Regards Nicolaj
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