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  1. Thank you! I have not had a chance to test the module yet, but I was able to get it installed and everything looks right so far. Just one note for anyone else who might need this solution: the backward_compatability folder is not included in the initial download. It must be downloaded as a separate zip file, unzipped and then the contents should be placed in the backwards_compatibility folder inside of the uspscarrier folder before rezipping and uploading to Prestashop. Also, I'm glad you have contacted Prestashop, as I would guess we are not the only people who have been effected by this issue. Thank you again for your assistance, much appreciated!
  2. As I understand it, the USPS Carrier Module is supposed to be included in the initial installation of Prestashop (I installed version I have read various forms, searched all throughout my Prestashop Back Office, especially thoroughly searching through my Modules. How can I find this module? Am I mistaken in thinking it should be included with Prestashop? Does Prestashop 1.6 > require a paid version of the USPS module? Note: I have also searched through all of my Prestashop files and folders and I have nothing resembling a USPS Module.
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