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  1. I think the "View larger" should be "view smaller"! :0. I know there are some paid zoom modules, but out of the box, this should be for the customers to be able to take a closer look of the product and not all the way around
  2. ooooh you know what I found? in the server there is an option checked that says "Update to new minor versions and security releases" probably that is why. I'll try by selecting "Do not automatically update" I don't know how secure it is not to be updating it though. Do you think it'll be ok?
  3. But I haven't done that, I don't even know how.
  4. I went back to the global.css file and what I'd added (#sitemap #sitemap_content{display:none;}) was removed. Why that happened?
  5. Still working on it. I have it in maintenance mode
  6. Hi, It worked when I did it, but for some reason now the two blocks reappeared again!. Actually I see that pages like contact.tpl, sitemap.tpl, etc remove whatever html you write. Does Prestashop auto update itself somehow? Is it there a way to disable that?
  7. Hi Vekia, just compare header with footer. The header brown background expands to the whole wide of the screen, however, the footer, after the html box is installed, the brown background is limited to the content margins.
  8. Hi Pandorrah, In the back office go to Preferences > CMS > Here, you will have two category sections: a)- Categories (above) and - Pages in Category "Home" (at the bottom). So pick the first section "Categories" and click on the plus sign. In here you can add categories in the cms, then go to the cms page/s you created, and, in the CMS Category drop menu, pick the category you want to display the page or pages. I hope this helps
  9. Hi Vekia, Actually I installed it in my test website (in the localhost), so I will install it later in the real website (now in maintenance mode). But I can send you a screenshot of my test website, so you can see it. Please look at the footer how the html box wraps it all. Thanks Vekia
  10. But I want to display the sitemap except this two blocks
  11. Hi, I have it in maintenance mode now, but here is a screenshot. The the first two blocks are the ones I want to hide
  12. Hi, I disabled the cart for now, so I would like to disable in the Sitemap page the blocks "Our Offer" and "Your Account". Can somebody help me with this please? Thanks Liz
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