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  1. Hello My business run its course...met its maker, gone to the other side, swimming with the fishes...you get the point...:) Is there a way to export all the product image files to a single folder of your choice? Thanks! Any help is appreciated...
  2. Hello Does anyone know if it's possible to either translate or hide the navigation pipe and text on the checkout page? I'm trying to implement a new payment module (which overrides the default checkout page completely), but found that the navigation pipe is in English despite the selected language is Swedish (both in the payment module at in general). So can you hide the navigation pipe and text on this page or can you translate it somehow? Please see attached image...Many thanks!
  3. Oh...hmm, I see that know: "Developed by: Prestashop Partners"...thanks alot, dude. I also found the buton "Contact the developer". Guess I'll try that way. Just the e-mail I received looked to be coming from Prestashop directly so I kinda assumed it was a native PS module. My bad, obviously
  4. Hello, hello Does anyone know if Prestashop offers support for the new "Prestashop Ads for Google Shopping" module (found here https://addons.prestashop.com/en/sea-paid-advertising-affiliation-platforms/18716-prestashop-ads.html)? I have trouble synchronizing my products. I've tried contacting "someone" in the built in chat/message function found on the related webpage/dashboard, but have received no answer. I would really like to get this module working, but as of now I have no idea where to start troubleshooting even Thanks /Ricky
  5. Many thanks for the help, people! Thanks to you I managed to find it. For future reference: It can be changed/translated under Localisation - Store translations - "Order-Payment"
  6. Hi Many thanks for the answer. I tried looking under translations, but its not there. The checkout Im using is Prestashops default checkout and it's the titles I want to change/translate. I've attached a screenshot with the inspector open for reference. If you, or anyone else, could help I'd be much grateful. BR, Ricardo
  7. Hello I was wondering if some friendly soul could help me out... I have checked everywhere I think I can check and the shipping tax I have is set to 25% under "Shipping - Carriers". When I make an order, the tax is calculated correctly and the confirmation e-mail sent to the customer states the correct figures for shipping incl. tax. I have however a third party payment module and their API-loggs shows that my Prestashop is sending 0% for shipping tax. I've been all over my Prestashop BO but I cant find any reason why PS would send 0% shipping tax when its set to 25% in "Shipping - Carriers". It's totally driving me mad. Does anyone know where the problem might be?
  8. Hello I use the default Prestashop 1.6 checkout page, set to "One page checkout". On the page, there are three titles ("Account", "Delivery" and "Payment method"). How can I go about if I want to edit these titles? Many thanks in advance! BR, Ricardo
  9. Hello Thanks for the suggestion/offer, but that won't do it for me. I want to avoid to have the user having to scroll down. Something more similar to my screenshot would be much preferable!
  10. Hello Is there a simply way I can add static text to all product pages? Please see enclosed example and you'll see what I mean...preferably, text should be formatted in the same way as the "Reference" text field with title in bold and rest of text non-bold. Many thanks!!
  11. Many thanks, and sorry for bringing this old thread back to life, but.... I assume you can enable the Advanced Stock Management option without causing havoc to current active orders and products, right? Or is it something better done in a "safe" environment with no active orders and such?
  12. Same here, if this thread isnt too old. How do I delete a credit slip in Prestashop 1.6? In 1.5 there was apparently a bin-icon for deleting credit slips but I see no such option in 1.6...
  13. Right, got it! Many thanks for the tip, mate! Much obliged.
  14. Thanks, but Im using 1.6. I cant search other than whats on the screen and all phrases and minized in different sub categories. I need to know what sub-category this phrase is in.
  15. Hi! Would you please mind sharing where in the translations you managed to find the phrase? Thanks!
  16. I recently had SSL installed on my webpage and since then, my Facebook Like Box module wont display the thumbnail image to my facebook page. If I enter Prestashops FB-page URL (https://www.facebook.com/prestashop/?fref=ts) in the modules configuration, the module will display the image OK. However, if I enter my own FB-page URL (https://www.facebook.com/rarely2ndhand/?fref=ts or https://www.facebook.com/rarely2ndhand/", all I get is a thin white, empty bar :\ I tried a reset on the module, but that didnt do much difference. Has anyone else had this issue?
  17. Hello and thanks for the reply Yes, ive searched there and cant find the message isnt there Can anyone confirm that <div class="alert alert-warning"> belongs to Prestashop and not installed module?
  18. Hello I have a third party module that seems to call a class named "<div class="alert alert-warning">". I want to translate one of these alert messages (shown in an orange box). Where can I find them for translation? thanks!
  19. I'm running Hmmm, so the Linux Terminal will search inside files as well? I need something similar to that for Windows. I'll google to see what I can find...
  20. Yes, Ive tried searching there with no results. The alert message does show up in a module, but I have my suspicion that the module is calling a native Prestashop class to show this alert message.
  21. Tjena Per-Anders As Jose suggested, have you tried checking under "Lokalisering -> Översättningar" to see if you can find the texts there? I'd assume that they're under shop translations ("Butiksöversättningar").
  22. Hello I need help again translating what I believe is a Prestashop generic alert message - it shows in a 3rd party delivery module, but I cant find the string anywhere in their files. Please, go to my site: www.ra-rely.se and put anything in the basket. Choose the default delivery option (first out of two options) - no need to fill out the adress or anything. Then click the blue button with the name "Update Selection" - a frame will open up displaying an orange box with the words "Please select additional shipping options" <-- this is what I want to change, but I dont know where to find it. Please see attached image with a web inspector open. Many thanks!
  23. Hi Is there a place in Prestashop where you can store information about a products placement in the warehouse? I.e. that for instance product with reference number 123 is stored at "Case 5, shelf 3"? Does "Advanced Stock Management" offer this? If so, are there any drawbacks to using this feature if I'm only after the possibility to save product location? BR, Ricardo
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