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  1. It's very elegant! I love all your creative minds man. Well done. Cheers
  2. hm, You may need to read the instruction first. if you download my zip file, inside the folder, there is a db_sql_run_first.txt document. use the sql statement inside and paste it into SQL command in your phpMyAdmin (you need to navigate to the product table in your prestashop database in phpMyAdmin. run the sql and check if there is a new field called recommended_retail_price in your product table. after doing so, you may replace the files in you default installed prestashop folder with the one I made in my zip files. I tried this on my default prestashop theme and default module. if you have other module installed already and those files have changed somehow the product.php and product.tpl, you need to use the manual change mod in my zip file and follow the readme instruction (html and text formats) to make the change manually. in regards with your error, I am not sure what caused it. You may try this mod on your default (fresh) installed prestashop site and see how it goes. Good luck!
  3. Hi Adds, Have you run the SQL script to create a new column in product table yet? you must run the sql first before actually change the codes.
  4. After test, I found a small problem. If there are combination prices defined for a product and the RRP is set, RRP still displays the same whatever price option changed by the user. by using a trick, we can hide the RRP when the user choose different combination price from the drop down menu. but this is up to you for doing such change. If RRP is not set, it doesn't affect at all. For easy to install, I made the changes by following the instruction and zip the changed files together for easy use. read the readme first if you like to use. All credits of this mod go to Zenith. Nice work again Zenith. rrp.zip
  5. Great Work Zenith! It's I am exactly looking for! Thank you for the sharing. Cheers
  6. HI Guys, Finally, I am excited that this fantastic module has been released. I can't wait to test it on my 1.2.5 site. Thanks for all those make this happen. Will provide feedback for the outcome of the use. Cheers
  7. thanks for the module. I tried to install it on prestashop1.2.4 (put respective files into their folders) and get the following warning The following module(s) were not installed successfully: faq when I tried insert a question, an error occurred. I am looking forward to your further update. Thanks buddy. Cheers
  8. Excellent. It fixed the bug. thank you very much. Cheers
  9. Are you running Linux or Windows Webserver? The following reference may help you with setting up a cron job but you do need to know how to write a php script to update the tables in diff DBs http://www.webmasters-central.com/article-blog/tutorials/cron-tutorial-managing-cron-tab-or-cron-job-is-easy/ Hope this will help
  10. HI Paul, That is good to know about Turbolister. I am just searching some kind of tools like that. Thank you
  11. I am using verion I got same problem as mr_c does.
  12. Great idea. Love and keen to have it. Cheers
  13. looks very nice, mate. good work. I will give it a go in my site. Thank you for the contribution.
  14. Ion_cannon, Congrate! welcome back. my [spam-filter] is also 28 weeks. Yeah! it's a hard time. isn't it? anyway, hope you are keeping up! any need for testing or debugging, just let us know. Cheers
  15. No problem, I attached the detailed screenshot with explanation in it. What I did are named as screenshot names. I am using Chrome browser. OS: Windows 7 ultimate. ;-)
  16. Hi ruilong, great work to try. I tried on your demo site. after I filled in my details (with fields next to the red star), press next, I just only saw a blank page which is called fastorder.php. then nothing happened. is it supposed to redirect to somewhere? I am happy to be the tester for this module. Thank man.
  17. Hi Jazz, Good find out. I was wondering this too. but how do you force the API (v1.0) to use credit card form? I am using v1.2.2. when cookie enable, my email is filled there and I can't see the credit card option. I am using API v1.0 with sandbox mode. Thanks
  18. hi Guys, Paul has explained this issue couple times in the forum. You can search out by keyword 'Paypal payment error.' etc. Try this module from Paul rather than using 1.6 one. the module is downloadable from http://www.ecartservice.net/08092008/beta-v2-paypal-module-prestashop/ Though it is not a perfect solution, but it works for customer payment by Paypal. If you are just using Paypal only, try upgrade to v1.2.2.0 or v1.2.3.0 and use PayPal API module. it works fine for me. but you need a commercial hosting account and valid Internet Domain name. Hope this help for you. Cheers
  19. Yeh, EWAY is very common in Aus. I like to hear its ready as well. Looking forward some experts
  20. Yes, I did use the Prestashop Paypal module (fresh installation). Just setup and PayPal account setting as instructed. enable the sandbox. but in verions, it doesnot seem to work. When it returned, the purchased items are still in the cart.
  21. I have similar problem. I am using version 1.2.3 too. After process the payment in PayPal Sandbox, you click the button going back to your prestashop page. The item still sits in the cart. it didn't actually process. I didn't see any order made by that process. Any clue by this? I am going to try this on other old version and see if there is same issue. If someone has found out what is it, that will be thankful. Cheers
  22. HI, make sure the line is commented out (no ; in the front of it). I follow the fix. it worked. Hope it helps
  23. It looks fantastic. @Atch, good work mate. This is one of best templates I seen for Prestashop. Would you finish it as quick as you can, I can't wait for it. By the way, I am really want to know how you done this. Is it possible you make a guide of making it Or a Screenshot would be very nice. I reckon there are very few tutorial or videocast that show us how to customise or create new theme like yours. Cheers
  24. @Ion_Cannon How is you going? Ion. Is there any chance we can see your release of this great module in this weekend. I can't wait for testing it in the sites. Cheers
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