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  1. Would someone like to explain to me the actual system requirements for PrestaShop, and their rationale? I keep seeing threads where forum members blame random problems and errors on Mysql4 (apparently it won't work at all, which isn't true). It seems to me that PHP 5.0+ is blatantly wrong, and has been the actual cause of most of the problems; many later rectified. PHP 5.2.x seems pretty rock solid though, and has been all along. I'd hate to see people running about doing major upgrades on production servers just to meet an arbitrary claim that mysql 5 is required.... a mysql 5 client, now that I can accept (5.0.54 is fine there, with a v4 connector to a 4.1.20 database). So cards on the table. Which of the new features in MySQL 5 are so essential to PrestaShop? Magento states 4.1.20 or greater, so come on guys, what are you doing that's so bleeding edge? Is this perhaps just a policy decision rather than a technical one? Enquiring minds need to know before money gets wasted. I'm all poised to write great things about PrestaShop, but lack of response from contact pages, vague/unexplained details and lack of proper (any?) developer documentation are making me (and many others) rightly nervous. Paul
  2. Rory, I'm with you... my intention is to add attribute support, and in order for google to list them they'll have to be unique products as per your post. This requires quite a bit of manipulation of the data to achieve though, and we're talking version 1 not 0.2 The editorial guidelines specify one product per page for landing pages, but I'm pretty sure the above would be acceptable. The idea of this currently is to get the basic (mandatory) information in there, and develop from there. Attributes are pretty essential if you're going to get your products found easily on google base (unless the items you sell are fairly niche). I would suggest that if you're going to use attributes on your site AND want to use google base, then you should be looking at the ones that are pre-defined. The ful list of "standard" attributes is here: http://base.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=78170&hl=en This module is geared towards Products only, of course. Paul
  3. Ken, Cheers, and thanks for the code updates (typos and enhancements!). I'll add it to the download for others to enjoy. Will be v0.2. I'll look into the categories/sub categories. I threw this together in an hour while in a chat room with a user that needed something quick, so as you've discovered it was hardly production strength! It'll be great if it helps you out. The user in question was still trying to get his images uploaded so I don't think he's got around to testing it yet I went back and checked and the example files on the google base site specify not in them so I'm not sure which would be technically correct; maybe both? According to the docs for Product is required....I'll add both. Paul
  4. Rory, This one doesn't; currently it lists basic products, that's all. Additional fields are fairly simple to add to the feed though; as long as the data is in the database and matches what google expect (this no different to the google base feeds for osCommerce, ZenCart etc.). Maybe when there's a little more PrestaShop documentation..... Google supports product attributes as far as searching for a product, but doesn't support "choices" that I'm aware of. You need to add such things to your description. I'm happy to make changes to it if there's something that should be in the that isn't. Paul
  5. My thoughts. Hosting isn't just about price. Would you open a shop in a cardboard box in a side street? Why not? It's cheap. If you're serious about making a success of your business then you need to take your basic infrastructure seriously or you're setting yourself up to fail. Sit and write down what you realistically need to support your business in the short to medium term. Then go out and get quotes. Don't be afraid to ask for non-standard features if they aren't listed in a nice tidy "package". If you have questions regarding your requirements that you don't know the answer to, then ask those specific questions in forums, or search for an answer yourself. From your short-list you can now make an informed choice about who you wish to entrust your business to. Best of luck with your venture, Paul
  6. I've recently been using the Community Edition (free) of ModelRight 3 from: http://www.modelright.com It also has a free viewer.... but there are nags for the missing features in the community edition (the disabled features aren't a show-stopper though). Can't really recommend any open source ones. Paul
  7. You can download the (BETA) google feed module from my site now. http://www.ecartservice.net/03082008/exporting-products-to-googlebase/ Enjoy! Paul
  8. You've got my vote for this too. I would love to write some killer modules for prestashop, but need some documentation to help me out a bit! I'm sure the development team have one somewhere.... Paul
  9. I have a version that's very much BETA. If you want to try it out on your store then PM me the details and I'll send it on to you. Forgot to mention: An example output is at http://prestashop.ecartservice.net/en_googlebase.xml
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