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  1. It should work fine with the sandbox too, as long as the site can accept a callback from paypal (for the IPN). A local server on your PC may not work if you don't have external access to it. Which version of the paypal payment module are you using (out of interest)? Paul
  2. The hardest bugs to find are the ones in code you're certain is 100% correct.... I agree with Matthieu. I don't find anything like the number of bugs my customers do.... Paul
  3. Non pas en fonction de la recommandation PrestaShop, mais oui MySQL 4.1 fonctionne. Excusez mon pauvre français :-) Paul
  4. I was confused as when I looked back at older versions of some of my code I discovered I'd tried this (for the addstuff module) and still couldn't get it to work. I think I know why. In the module configuration form I used a textarea to accept multi-line input (the html to add to the page). Unfortunately what happens is that the html tags seem to get stripped by the textarea input control. I use htmlentities when displaying the stored value, and that's fine, but initially there seems to be a problem. I'll need to go and investigate solutions, as this is the final piece in the puzzle I need to fix (a standard, single-line text control doesn't have the same issues). It seems I was looking for solutions in the wrong place!!! Paul
  5. mat if you find any let me know ;-) There's not a great deal of information. I've basically just been reverse engineering existing ones to see how they work and building up a knowledge base from there. The object model PrestaShop uses makes it nice and easy to write modules in some respects, but hard in others, as you've to go hunting through the classes directory to look at what functions are available for each object type, then go and find an example elsewhere.... and around and around we go! Worth the effort though in my opinion. Paul
  6. mat, would that be protx webform or protx direct (including 3Dsecure) that you would be interested in? Was thinking of doing one of these.... Paul
  7. Yup just change /modules/paypal/paypal.gif to display what you want... not sure about the code compensating for the size though... Paul
  8. I could probably add an extra hook in my banner rotation module to add this.... I'll have a look into it. Paul
  9. Ah, excellent. That'll makes things easier! Top marks for the solution, and posting it back to the forum. Paul
  10. Wow, that gave me a fright :cheese: Almost every click I made added another mug shot at the top of the page. Every felt that the "staff" were following you around the shop!! On a serious note; A nice touch folks it demonstrates that you guys are online, active and part of the community; You get a thumbs up for me for the addition to the forum. Now we just need to know what Damien has to hide.... Paul
  11. Another thought that struck me.... what validation is being done on the data that's entered into the form? I must confess I gave up and used the above when I was faced with this! It certainly has something to do with the cart's internal validation somewhere, and if not via smarty, then certainly within the object classes. I'm still unclear as to why a template is required though, you can surely include css classes and styles consistent with the template in the configure box? Maybe I'm just not getting what you're trying to do, but the existence of a tpl file doesn't influence the application of the current template's "style". Any html placed on the page will be styled using the theme, whether in a tpl file or not. I guess you may want to add extra "wrapper" code around the value you're passing, but that could surely be included within the module. Paul
  12. There's a download here: CraftySyntax Live Help for PrestaShop You need 7zip to extract it, as for some reason I've had reports of problems with downloads using the ZIP version (I suspect AVG has a problem with it, and possible some other AV programs too). Just shout if you have problems downloading/installing Paul
  13. Because the left and right columns are fixed width, and the center column is the variable one, the browser needs to draw the right and left columns (or at least know their size) first, before it can calculate how to draw the center one. By default; header.php : generates the contents for the left column (displayed by header.tpl) footer.php : generates the contents of the right column (displayed by footer.tpl) "others".php : generate the center content as appropriate (div opened by header.tpl, and closed by footer.tpl) So header.tpl can only draw the left column and footer.tpl can only draw the right column, by default. I'm a bit of a purist and try and avoid editing the core .php files if possible. Makes it easier to upgrade that way! Paul
  14. I've tried several different ways, and found that I had to move both columns into the header to get it to work. Still trying to work out a solution without altering the php code (i.e. purely in the template) but I'm not confident Paul
  15. Doesn't work. Do you really need the template file? Could you not just echo the code you need from inside the module instead? e.g. function hookLeftColumn($params) { $output = ' Some html in here to do what you want without smarty getting in the way '; return $output; } Paul
  16. Yes, you just select the first db and click the export tab (remembering to check the save file box). Create a new empty db and use the import tab. You'll have to fudge the employee table (or encryption keys) to be able to log in though, or click the lost password link (I think that works in this situation). Paul
  17. I usually develop sites in the root folder though, so while yes it works you've added the folders into the equation, and the .htaccess in the site root has to be shared. Paul
  18. Exactly. In theory you could use the same db and change the prefix, but why make things complicated? ;-) Paul
  19. I get the same result in both Firefox and Opera : <!-- left infos--> <!-- add to cart form--> <form id="buy_block" action="/cart.php" method="post">
  20. A url to your site might help us to have a look :-) Paul
  21. I would check the the files in your admin folder have all uploaded correctly first of all. If the [admin]/tabs folder is missing files, then The above is what you would expect to happen. (Note that you've probably renamed the admin folder to something else, hence the square brackets). I would also urge you to investigate error logging on your site, or if it's enabled then find out where the log file is. It can give you a LOT of help getting your site up and running ;-) Paul
  22. I use xampp, so the site is in an htdocs folder but this should equally apply. I looked at setting up multiple sites, but have now just settled on renaming the folders depending on the site I'm working on. So rename the www folder www.site_1 and create a new empty www folder and off you go.... when you want to switch back, just rename the folders appropriately. Easy, uncomplicated and quick Paul
  23. Having thought about this, isn't there a function in the back office to hide a category already. I think if you go to Catalog and click the edit button beside the category, you can set "Display" to No (X). Or are you trying to do something different? Paul
  24. Oops Rod_ you're quite right, it should have been a "." :red: Great module idea you've come up with! Look forward to seeing many more from you :cheese: Paul
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