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  1. Rod_ you need a new class file in [admin]/tabs. I suggest you pick a "simple" one as your base You then need to install it via the Tools-> Tabs pane. Click add new Paul
  2. I had a problem after upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1rc1b. Did you perform an upgrade or is this a fresh install with an empty database? Paul
  3. A link to see the glitch in action would be good, then we could see the code that's being generated without having to replicate it Paul
  4. Have you tried altering the css for the home page block? That's where the bullet list display will have been changed. I thought the short description was text only though, but haven't checked. Paul
  5. The update refers to updating changes you have made to the values. There's no way to update exchange rates automatically.... You'll need to look them up and enter them in there yourself, at appropriate intervals. Paul
  6. There's not a huge difference between the logic of Wordpress and the logic in PrestaShop. To make a theme you copy all the default theme files to a new directory and start editing (in Wordpress "missing" files fall back to the default). The main difference comes from the fact that Wordpress uses php files to modify the layout, and PrestaShop uses smarty .tpl files. The latter is less flexible, but more accessible to folks who can cope with xhtml+css but get nervous near php. You can slim down anything you like! That's the whole point of having the .tpl files in the first place. If you don't want content to display, then just don't reference it in the .tpl file. Paul
  7. Did you maybe transplant the module? Have a look at modules > positions Paul
  8. So you've got it working now, but you're concerned that your users will experience this, or are you saying that the logout function isn't working? Paul
  9. It should be kind of "fixed" now, and for the record the problem appears to have been in one of the language translation files (in this case admin.php) - if there are any errors in the Back Office code though the whole thing crashes down since the output is captured, not displayed directly.... Paul
  10. Could it be that you copied the actual prestashop_1.0 FOLDER into htdocs, instead of the CONTENTS of the folder? If so then you either need to move the contents of /htdocs/prestashop_1.0 up into /htdocs or you can access the installer (and ultimately your site) using http://localhost/prestashop_1.0/ Just a thought! Paul
  11. Did you log in as the same user using a different browser? Paul
  12. There's obviously something going wrong. I was lucky in that I managed to login in via opera and after a bit of random fiddling i eventually got to log in via firefox too (which is the browser i was locked out with). It has to be something to do with sessions, but the details of how that whole mechanism works (in conjunction with cookies) is still a mystery to me I'm afraid. You could try playing with this is firefox: http://www.bitstorm.org/extensions/view-cookies/ Although, given that you reinstalled (and thus deleted the cookies) i don't think it will help much. I've a couple of ideas about how you can get back in, but it may be best to conduct the conversation off-line. PM me and we can make contact. Paul
  13. Yes... but in theory it was never released. MS is a milestone, which precedes a release candidate lol My last osCommerce store got an upgrade to rc3 just for the heck of it. Had to do it manually using a nightmare tangle of diffs as I'd edited out nearly all of the tables and redone it in xhtml. It still worked afterwards though. Paul
  14. they should really live in the /img/c directory. If you can get the cart to create them then you should (Preferences->Image and create a new format that's for example 15px x 15px) Paul
  15. Ah right. I misunderstood you and thought that it was the web server iself that you had reinstalled. Have you tried using the lost password link? That may be all you need to get back in, or even try using a different browser. All is not lost Paul
  16. You'll love it Tom. If you've worked with osCommerce you'll realise just how good it is! Then again osCommerce 2.2 hasn't actually been released yet has it? Paul
  17. It looks like there's a problem with your web server, rather than the PrestaShop login process.. Are you certain that you've restored the files and database correctly? Paul
  18. I think I had this once. I think I cleared the cookies and it solved it, but I may have had to log in as the same user using another browser as well. Paul
  19. I would add that the main point of using a cart like this is that you don't have to go near the code at all.... Paul
  20. The different image resolutions used by the store are set in Preferences->Image. You can adjust them there, and the images will be created appropriately (may require regeneration). Paul
  21. That template is called recursively down through the menu "branches" so the anchor at the top is the bit that displays the link and category name. That's where the image would go i.e. {$node.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} I think Paul
  22. Howdy Pete, fancy meeting you here. As we've already discussed this isn't an option right now, but you can do the basic per item postage (for all items in the store) by messing about with the weights and weight ranges though. PrestaShop doesn't use the concept of shipping modules, at least not currently. Just the built-in weight and cost-based methods. Paul
  23. You use a different email address for each, that's the only cart configuration change needed to switch from the sandbox to the live service; apart from the selection between live/sandbox obviously. The message in the "configure" pane is regarding the required settings in your paypal account's "Profile". You need to set this correctly in both the sandbox paypal account AND/OR the live paypal account before they will each work properly; there's no connection between them, so the same configuration steps need to be performed in both. If you don't want to test in the sandbox, then you'll only have to configure your live paypal account. I can't answer why the live paypal account screen is taking so long, other than it's much busier than the sandbox one... Hope this makes sense! Paul
  24. Dale, That's actually an option in your PayPal account and not necessarily anything to do with the payment module itself. In "Profile", go to "Website Payment Preferences", and switch "PayPal Account Optional" to "On". Paul
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