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  1. OK, create a file containing the following, and call it test.php. <?php class test extends Module { public function __construct() { $this->name = 'test'; $this->tab = 'Tools'; $this->version = "0.1"; parent::__construct(); /* The parent construct is required for translations */ $this->page = basename(__FILE__, '.php'); $this->displayName = $this->l('Test'); $this->description = $this->l('Just a test!'); } function install() { if (!parent::install()) return false; return true; } } ?> Make a directory /modules/test and put the above file in it, and it should show up in the back office The $this->name member variable must match the directory and filename (case sensitive). The Class name must also match, but isn't case sensitive. Paul
  2. Well the most basic one (non payment): <?php class mymodule extends Module { } ?> Not sure what you're asking apart from that?? Paul
  3. When you run the above script it's likely that it will display that the version is PHP 4.x.x which won't work with PrestaShop. You may have to talk to your hosting company regarding how to enable/use PHP5. Paul
  4. I've made an attempt here: http://prestashop.ecartservice.net Maybe you guys would like to test it and try and find out what the prices are without logging in for me Once we're agreed it works I'll upload the template Note: I need to add styling to the login_prices class, but that's cosmetic. Paul
  5. No, but you can try if you like The problem is that the prices are retrieved along with the objects themselves in some cases, so you'll have to virtually rewrite half the classes in the cart to do it that way, or at least that's how it looks to me. Paul
  6. I'm about to do this for a customer of mine. The only way to do it is to go through all the template files, and where a price would be display add a check for the user being logged in, and take action appropriately (either a login link, or the actual price). Not difficult, just tedious If I can make the time I'll have a look at doing a default prestashop (1.1b3) template modified for this.... I need to do it anyway, and it may help other folks. Paul
  7. It is likely that there are components missing from the configuration on your local server. Have you tried doing an installation on your local server? Doing this may alert you to essential settings that are not set up correctly. You can also look at configuring the php.ini for your local config to log php errors to a file - that way you'll get an idea of the error that's causing the blank page. It could be something as trivial as having friendly urls turned on when your server isn't configured with mod_rewrite. Paul
  8. I started to have a play with a template with most of the formatting removed that was full width. I think it's 1.0. I've attached it here for anyone that wants to have a play with it... not sure it works though Edit, tested it and it was an old version... will try and find the last one I did and post it.... Edit again; this is the one, but hardly any styling in it, so not really in a state you could use.... but may help by playing with it... Paul skeleton.zip
  9. That part is fully functional, but access to the different translations for the front-end isn't; from a SEO perspective. Paul
  10. I was pretty certain it wasn't a problem, as the modules use a particular function call (in the Cart class) to get the total price including shipping etc. Was just trying to get an understanding of wether this was maybe something that had crept in with 1.1... Paul
  11. Actually I think it's a "bug" which may be due to your template I suggest that you try going in the configure screen for "Categories Block" and disable the "Dynamic" option and see if that helps... The css has [global.css (line 1167)]: div#categories_block_left ul.dhtml { display:none; } Paul
  12. I've a feeling this has something to do with the friendly urls.... Check that your categories have something defined for them. Paul
  13. hmm, The latest version uses : $this->_directory = dirname(__FILE__).'/../../'; Which should put it in the site root if my relative path calculation is correct Latest version is always at: PrestaShop GoogleBase Feed Paul
  14. It gets created in the site root, which may be the problem (athough you should have write access to that). Can I suggest folks post what type of server they're using? Unix vs Win really does make a difference at the code level, and I've got a feeling that many of these file creation problems are down to win servers..... Paul
  15. For the first point, I'm not sure I understand you, but yes they could be the same content, or they could be different depending on your site. This is similar to the issue with the different forms (with and without the www) and would normally be handled by yourself, not the cart - some people may want a different page for www.example.com than www.example.com/index.php; there are many good reasons to do that. I had made the assumption that the language selection was being handled by javascript, when in fact it isn't. I think it may also not display the urls with the language parameter when any other language than the default is selected. In lynx it will only display the default language if cookies are rejected. It certainly needs to be reviewed, as I would have liked to see the language id parameter being included when cookies are disabled (or even just for known search engine bots). Maybe one of the PrestaShop development team can give advice on what the search engines see when crawling your site (and cookies are disabled). Apologies for my incorrect initial assessment. Paul
  16. There's one already in 1.1 though..... Paul
  17. Do you mean like the one in the left hand column of this Computer Shop ? (click the graphic for "Get a custom quote") Paul
  18. I could be wrong (but don't think so) but it's unlikely that there will be any adverse effect from having this. There is no such thing as a "duplicate content penalty"as far as google is concerned; it's an urban myth What CAN happen is that if there is more than one url pointing to the exact same content, then google will pick one of the as the "canonical" this has the effect of diluting credit across the duplicates. Take the example of the classic: http://www.example.com and http://example.com Why is this bad? Well half of your backlinks may point to the first and the other half the second, which means you have two pages with half the page rank each rather than one (which it is!) with all the page rank. Not good. In themcase of multiple languages, then google will index in the default language, but since the page name is identical, there will be no adverse effect regardless of what language folks link to your page in. Paul
  19. These are termed html entities are are perfectly fine. You can't use a & in html, so you have to replace it with & to display properly. Worry not! Paul
  20. I got a report of a problem with the V2 beta paypal module so have now updated it on the site! Payment Module v2 I've updated the links, and archive. Paul
  21. Remember to put the sitemap in the robots.txt file SITEMAP: http://www.example.com/sitemap.xml Works wonders Paul
  22. Unfortunately it isn't that easy, but you knew that didn't you I've done a lot of work with osCommerce and Zencart and have a few tools that make the job easier, but a complete conversion is a fairly big job - although thankfully one that only has to be done once. Unfortunately it's not something that you could be guided though. Paul
  23. I posted some hacks in this thread that may be of use: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/7120/P0/themes/solved_glosspro_theme Paul
  24. @rbarrick I believe that you can use express checkout with a business or premiere paypal account. To take credit card payments directly you need a paypal pro account though. May be worth checking. @ducedo: that's a little bit more tricky and would involve customising the core PrestaShop code I think. I guess you could write a replacement for orders.php, then make sure your template/theme calls your new one.... problem is that it really breaks a huge amount of the functionality though. Is this in the feature requests? It would be better done as an official alternative, selectable from the back office. Paul
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