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  1. It looks from that error though that it's trying to connect with https:// right enough though. I'm fairly sure it's down to the fact that you're running PHP over cgi and the authentication (You authenticating Google's attempt to connect to your site) is failing. The above error isn't saying that there's anything wrong with what you;re sending - what it's saying is that it can't connect to your site. You need the error information as suggested in that note - i.e. what the error messages are in the integration console. There's no way to handle this username/password combination that Google is generating unless you use .htaccess and .htpasswd files to process the authentication. The credentials should be generated from your Merchant ID and Merchant Key "encrypted" using base64-encode. Paul
  2. Yup it does. In saying that for designs that don't have the clutter of three columns it could be useful. You can also add more content to the template markup should you wish, and scale the whole thing by adjusting the css and a couple of variables in the [removed]cheese: Paul
  3. Ah right. I'm confused now -- which isn't hard. I wrote AddStuff originally to make it easy to put "stuff" in the sideboxes of your pages. All you need to do is install it and add the code you want on your page into the mystuff.html file, configure the module with the defaults (enter mystuff.html and tick the in sidebox option) and it will get added to your page as a sidebox. If you need to add code to the <head> section of your pages, then you can try using the new addheader module. Just paste your javascript into the yourstuff.html file that's in the module folder, then install and enter yourstuff.html in the configuration form, then save the settings. You code should appear in the header of your pages If it doesn't work, then give me a shout and we'll see what we can do. Paul
  4. Give me a few minutes and i'll do a quick hack of addstuff to make addheader :cheese: Paul
  5. Have you written your own module and just need to include some javascript in the header of the pages? Paul
  6. This has been updated to 0.1.1 - Fixes a problem with uninstalling! Paul A demo is available at http://prestashop.ecartservice.net
  7. I was referring to a meta tag entry in the header, something like: <meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow" /> That would give you grief I use Firefox and the Live Http Headers plugin. You're best to click the clear button before testing a page though, or else you'll never find which bits relate to what page. Paul
  8. Might be an idea to check that the page headers are correct and it isn;t doing any weird redirecting... There isn;t a "robots" meta tag defined by any chance that says "noindex"? Paul
  9. Following this thread would be your best bet: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/22676/#110623
  10. I wouldn't hold your breath The key function is public function hookupdateOrderStatus($params) { if ($params['newOrderStatus']->id === _PS_OS_PAYMENT_) { // Do something to the order } } The test can check for any type of status update, in this case we're testing for someone completing payment. The "standard" status codes are defined in /config/config.inc.php, so you may want to use a switch statement to test several. In the modules install() function you also need to add the following to "hook" into the execution path: $this->registerHook('updateOrderStatus'); I've just finished the first tutorial series, and there's a "skeleton" module downloadable from the end of part 5 that would be a good starting point for you Paul
  11. TropischBruin, good to be back - been keeping an eye on you lot, but too busy to join in the fun of late :-) Canonical URLs are the next big thing in the fight against "duplicate" content. It allows you to specify on a page what the "definitive" url for the content is, so it no longer matters if you don't strictly 301 redirect any possible URL variations -- in theory anyway! In terms of the sitemap being "accepted" I though you meant that webmaster tools reports only 1 of 19 urls indexed, rather than the whole sitemap being rejected? Webmaster tools always reports less urls indexed than you would think should be the case from "testing" of the search results. Paul
  12. Perhaps it would be an idea to post the error message you get from the integration console. Looking at the code I don't see what the issue could be to be honest, it all looks fine to me. Paul
  13. Just a quick note to say I've released another "quickie" module for you all to play with. This one uses a technique from CSS Tricks and uses jQuery. Free Moving boxes module Paul
  14. Yes there are two issues being discussed though :-) One is that you need a valid SSL certificate to use Google Checkout, and the module apparently doesn't work properly and uses http instead of https. The second is regards to the "Failed to get Basic Authentication Headers" error message which is to do with the server configuration. I really wish I'd just written my own - I started but gave up since there were two already on offer - neither of which appear to have ever worked! Paul
  15. Sadly, not easily no. The source for the Flash project is in the archive though if you fancy having a go at it I've no experience with Actionscript I'm afraid so have no idea where one would start! Paul
  16. The animated tags are done ;-) 3D Flash Tag Cloud Module You can see a demo of them used on a homepage at: http://www.prestashop.ecartservice.net/index.php?id_lang=2 French is selected in the above url as there are more tags in the french demo data than the english.... Paul
  17. There's a new version that should fix any problems. Note that the template tags have been renamed, although that shouldn't affect folks unless they've edited the .tpl file (rare). You can get the latest version from the product page or the Addstuff page. Paul
  18. it most certainly should do! Are you sure that you've copied the folder inside the Zip archive? you should have a modules/ps_cumulus folder that contains files, and not another subfolder. Paul
  19. In my experience the urls in a sitemap can take a while to be indicated as fully indexed in Webmaster tools -- I'm not absolutely sure why. I think that right now isn't a good time to test though as the effects of the recognition of the canonical ones is still settling down. I notice that there's a canonical module for Prestashop now - haven't tested it out to see if it does the job properly yet though. Paul
  20. Open the zip archive and you'll find a ps_cumulus folder inside - copy this folder into the modules directory of your store (using ftp) and it will appear in the list of modules when you look under the modules tab in your Back Office. Click install and then configure the settings to suit your colour scheme and it will appear at the bottom of the right column - use the positions feature under modules to move it, or the transplant system to move it to the left, top, home page or footer as required. Note that you can only have one active at any one time, so you'll have to remove it from the right column if you want it to display somewhere else. Paul
  21. Yes probably, but you'd need to decide on how you would want to select the pictures to display. I guess you could use it to display the "cover" images for all the featured products, with links, of course. Would need a better idea of what you're trying to achieve with it - or I guess it could be left as an xml input which you would hand craft in the module directory? On the PS_Cumulus module - I've had another little play with it and am adding the following "extras" as we speak: - Enable/Disable "compatibility mode" - This uses one of two methods to embed the flas, should there be problems with display using the standard method. It also works even when javascript is disabled (but flash installed) - not terribly useful for PrestaShop as by default the store needs javascript enabled. It may help someone somewhere though. - Display "Legacy" tags when flash doesn't work/isn't installed. A tag cloud likely makes no perceptible difference to SEO but why not eh? - Fixed the class assignments to the links, and added a css file to let you style the links when Flash isn't used (default just proportionally increases the font size from 9px to 18px). - Added the modules own tag query function and added the option to sort by tag name, frequency (times) or "none". Also an option to specify the sort direction as ascending or descending. This will only have an effect on the non-Flash display. I think that's all for now :cheese: Paul I'll upload the new version to my site later today, when the changes are finished - look for version 2.1.21; if it isn't there, then come back later!
  22. Prestashop is really easy to code for, once you've got your head around the architecture. I've been writing a few articles on my (and more on the way) to hopefully help more php programmers get to grips with how things work, and add even more goodies This is probably a tricky one to do in a module, and I suspect that the best way would be to use jQuery to implement an Ajax auto-complete based on the postcode the customer types in. The lookup could then be done in PHP or javascript depending on which is easier. Paul
  23. The usual "easy" method is to export the catalog to a formatted csv file for import into turbolister if you want your store inventory listed. This is a fairly easy job to be honest. Getting eBay to adjust the stock level on the store is more tricky. Paul
  24. I was looking for an idea for a new series of Prestashop articles and came across the WP_Cumulus plugin for Wordpress. Here's a WP_Cumulus port to Prestashop - enjoy! Note that this has only been tested (minimally) on the latest 1.2 final release. Paul
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