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  1. They use different mechanisms and code to do a similar, but different things :cheese: Paul
  2. There are several reasons for the problem you have, and they've been discussed a number of times on this forum. Paypal orders are processed in two distinct steps, and it is the second part that you appear to have a problem with -- there is always a certain degree of configuration required on your hosting to get these things to work -- perhaps your hosting company can sort them out for you. Paypal will try and connect to your store to send notification of the payment authorisation result (via the validation.php for Paypal v1.6 and ipn.php for paypalapi). I suspect that your problem is that you do not have your store server configured correctly for this mechanism to work. Try opening those two pages in your browser to see what happens. The correct behaviour for this test will likely be a blank page. e.g. http://www.example.com/modules/paypal/validation.php Paul
  3. Cool. I'll hold off making any changes until we determine if this was a "localised" problem ;-) Paul
  4. You could use AddStuff and hook it in the the "top of pages" and make sure it is the last module in the positions list for this hook. Then you'll need to alter your css to ensure that it displays. You could also override the tpl files (in your theme directory) for the "Permanent links block" and "User info Block" to get them to display just the information you require - and adjust their positions and the associated css. Paul
  5. I think I'll add a work-around anyway, might as well Paul
  6. Right the error is related to it being unable to load the DOMDocument class, which is a little odd, since it appears to be installed (at least it's configured as enabled on the server - it is normally, and you have to choose to disable it). However the server isn't finding it in the php include path, so it's falling back to the PrestaShop standard behaviour of looking in the /classes folder. I'm afraid I'm not an expert on server configuration really, so I'm not sure what could be done to fix the issue, but the server isn't configured correctly for DOM. If this is a common problem, then I'll need to think of a work-around! Paul
  7. Added some more error checking: new version (1.4.3) attached. Paul
  8. I should perhaps clarify - There are two options to create xml documents SimpleXML (which was used originally) and DOMDocument. I chose to use DOMDocument as it's standard (same interface as used in javascript etc.) and in my opinion more reliable --SimpleXML has been known to do "weird stuff". DOM does have to be enabled in PHP though, so some hosting providers may have chosen not to support it -- although I can't think of any good reasons why they would consciously decide to do that. If it turns out to be a huge issue I might do two versions, and then choose which method to use depending on server support :cheese: Paul
  9. weird mate, since the file generation part is the same. I suspect that maybe your server doesn't support the DOMDocument class.... hmm. Can you PM me the output from phpinfo? Paul
  10. Many modules use the "Header of pages" to allow them to insert any essential javascript and/or css onto the page - if your remove them, then likely something will no longer work ;-) For advanced users you could use the AddHeader module to manually insert this code (to allow you to eliminate duplicates for example) in which case it would be safe to "unhook" them. Paul
  11. Personally I just use: TRUNCATE TABLE as required, and remove the files I don't want, but then I probably know my way around better than most. I would suggest that if you aren't familiar with the technology, then a tool like this is going to be very useful -- although hopefully it isn't something you need to do very often! Paul
  12. Great stuff - I've submitted the sitemap for the demo store too, so I'll keep an eye on it in Webmaster tools and see if there is anything else I need to do to make this as effective as possible. I've also enabled the canonical url module on that store to test it out too (in conjunction with the sitemap, as the two are similar "hints" to the search engines). I'm not 100% convinced it's doing what we need it to do either, but I'll report back on my findings soon. I'm going to do exhaustive SEO tests on the demo store to see if there any any other issues we need to address. Paul
  13. I was bored http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/24833/modules___code_contributions/module_to_potentially_fix_the_gsitemap_module_for_ps_1_dot_2 Paul
  14. Just posted this thread that relates to the original thread topic : http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/24833/modules___code_contributions/module_a_potentially_fix_gsitemap_module_for_ps_1_dot_2/ [email protected] : http://www.prestashop.com/wiki/Importing_Product_Data/ Paul
  15. The download should be fine now.... I think... v1.4.2 attached Paul
  16. Just noticed a problem when viewing the two example files, so this will be here shortly as 1.4.2 :red: Paul
  17. I managed to have a play with the code for this today and threw a fair bit of it out This version should now generate the urls correctly, adds an automatic change timestamp on the cms documents (so we behave nicely and don't lie to Mr Google). It also comes with a nice xsl xml-stylesheet added as a processing instruction so that at least when it does mess up it'll be easily readable in your browser Please test, as I've currently only got a demo PrestaShop store to play with, so can't test across a range of languages and configurations (especially needs testing with a store installed in a subdirectory). Seems to work for folks whether using "Friendly" urls or not. ***YOU WILL HAVE TO UNINSTALL THE OLD VERSION BEFORE COPYING THIS TO YOUR STORE AND INSTALLING IT*** ***Latest version is attached for convenience (v1.4.4) It supports versions 1.2.0.x and 1.2.1.x including indexing images as introduced in the update. Hope this helps a few of you! Paul P.S. Example output can be viewed at: http://prestashop.ecartservice.net/sitemap.xml for friendly urls and http://prestashop.ecartservice.net/sitemap_ugly.xml with them turned off gsitemap_1_4_4.zip
  18. We're going a bit off topic here! There are several suggestions for importing products - including the built-in one that's detailed in the wiki Paul
  19. True if you add it to the actual .tpl file itself. Addstuff and Addheader DO NOT REQUIRE the use of {literal} as the code is inserted via a variable and is not contained in the code that smarty parses. It could well be that ps 1.2 has sneaked in yet another change though, so i'll look into it Paul
  20. Shenit, To be fair they don't know what you might have done to your store. Folks have been happily hacking away changing core files, original template files etc. and all of these things will cause problems when you try and upgrade. In theory, all you should need to "preserve" is you settings, emails, translations, theme (own version, not the prestashop named one which will get overwritten), images and any non-standard modules you've added. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head to be honest. If you have changed ANY of the original distribution files with the exception of the email templates and the translations, then the upgrade is going to be much harder for you. Of course you should always have a complete file and database backup of your store before starting just in case.... Paul
  21. Make sure you have the latest version. There's no reason why it shouldn't work, although some scripts require that at least part of the code is inserted into the <head> tag - if this is the case then use AddHeader :-) The latest version for both is available at : Free Modules Paul
  22. Have you tried using the canonical module? I kind of hope that this will product the same url as the one that's in the sitemap..... Paul
  23. I've also been playing with just listing them all, and allowing some links+jQuery to allow the customer to"filter" them by category. It's a little messy though since you'd need to know what categories the products that are featured are from or else some of the filters produce nothing.... Paul
  24. You should read this: Customising Prestashop module templates safely
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