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  1. Poisson d'avril est précoce cette année?
  2. The problem though isn't necessarily the # of decimal places I don't think. It's the rounding policy used. Firstly are you charging TAX in your store? In the UK your turnover has to be over a certain value before you are obliged to register (and you would be daft to register before you have to), it may be different in your country. If you're not charging TAX (and certainly for the UK it is illegal to do so if you aren't VAT registered) then your prices will likely have been entered as 2 decimal places anyway, and this problem will have nothing to do with Prestashop's internal precision. I've seen many new UK store owners give themselves all sorts of problems when they were really just configuring their store incorrectly. Paul
  3. The sandbox doesn't need ssl, the production environment does. Who wants to buy a ssl certificate for a test server Paul
  4. Hmm. You still think I'm disagreeing with you in terms of the worth of Toolbar PageRank vs SERPS results. I'm not. What I'm saying is that it is possible that the way the site was structured may be a problem, with the pagerank assignment being a possible indicator of a problem. Given that a refresh has just finished, then the Toolbar PR is quite a good reflection of what google thinks of a site at this point in time. Look at the Toolbar PR for your own site ;-) Maybe it's a bug? Maybe the guy has done something strange. One thing that I've learned is that it's never good to disregard anything without having a reasonable explanation. If this site owner questioning Google's Toolbar PR does nothing else but highlight a real problem with the site, then for my money it's a worthy and worthwhile tool. Having looked at the site though, I suspect that the issues may be more about quality than anything else. Meta descriptions, choice of search "friendly" url can have a huge impact on search engine's perception of a page. The category pages I looked at don't have properly crafted descriptions (meta), and the use of the same words repeatedly on the page I looked at probably doesn't do it any favours. Sadly I think my final answer on the subject would likely be - "Google just didn't find your pages compelling enough to care". Paul
  5. /themes//header.tpl It gets closed elsewhere though so that is just the top of it. Other .tpl files with the actual content will be inlcuded after that. :-)
  6. That's a great tip, but for the life of me I can't work out why this would be the case! I'm always on the hunt for improvements that can be made over the standard modues to make them more reliable, so.... Which version of Prestashop/Paypal module are you using? The latest (1.2.5?). Paul
  7. @roberta Don't worry I've no idea what he's talking about either ;-P Send me a PM with your site url and i'll have a look at what the PayPal module is generating to submit to PayPal and we'll get it sorted. I suspect that the urls aren't being constructed properly due to your server configuration, but need to see what it's generating to identify the problem for sure. If you have a test customer account on your store that would be useful also, to save me creating an account Paul
  8. In theory it seems to be straighforward, but i'm not convinced it's as easy as it sounds! You can use the "cart" hook to provide additional processing each time the Cart:add() and Cart::update() functions are called, so in theory you could work out whether the customer cart qualifies for the free item, but I see two potential issues (that likely won't be answered until someone tries it!): #1 From a brief look at the code I'm not convinced that either of these functions is always called when the actual value of the cart changes. This hook may, in itself, not be sufficiently reliable to make the add/remove free product decision. #2 The free product would need to be handled in a special way to a) indentify it and prevent people adding it manually. could be handled by having it as a regular product available for purchase at a price if the cart contents don't qualify getting it for free. a) would then simply be a case of providing a method of specifying the free product in the module configuration screen. Paul
  9. Actually that link doesn't really back up your reasoning. Pages that have been around for a while, but have pagerank unassigned (n/a) would seem to point out an issue with linking/relative importance. Your article quite rightly points out that Toolbar Page Rank <> SERPS performance but it does acknowledge that backlinks are a "vote" for a page and can have an effect on SERPS performance. Internal site linking is important in my opinion. If your contact page is n/a then fine, but a whole category??? nutbuster's point is not that his site has a Toolbar pagerank of X, but rather that he would have expected his pages to be ranked in a heirarchy if his site was being indexed and considered in the SERPS correctly and logically. Unassigned may be an indication that Google doesn't see the page as being important at all, not even in the context of his own site -- i wonder if these pages do indeed appear for their intended search terms at all? In a test store I have generated a sitemap for I've noticed that not all the pages are indeed flagged as being indexed (at least the sitemap url isn't which should be the canonical version), even though you would expect them to be... Paul
  10. Sadly nobody on here can really teach you how to write css. For the background image you should look at this page: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_background.asp The "More Examples" section has exactly what you need ;-) You'll find most of the answers to other css questions on that site too. Creating Prestashop templates to create the menu bar across the top is outside the scope of a forum post really I'm afraid. I would suggest that you download free templates that do the various bits you like and study how they do it. Paul
  11. Since I'm working on this area myself and documenting it as I go along I'll post some entries on the subject you may find useful in my Prestashop development resources blog area. There's one article there already on capturing the output from a single module's specific hook function that might be handy if you were to write a generic script -- this would allow you to fetch it using AJAX for example. I might even look at a Wordpress plugin that provides something similar to the functionality I'm putting into the Vanilla 2 plugin. Unfortunately none of it is particularly "end-user friendly" in its raw form, so would benefit from some generic plugin tools to help folks integrate Prestashop better into other complimentary Open Source applications. Feedback on your own use of the techniques would be most appreciated so we can all learn from them! For me this is still all at the brainstorming stage :coolsmile: Paul
  12. Firstly, which PayPal module (and version) are you using? Did you remember to set up the Shipping Calculations in Website Payment Preferences to allow transactions to override? I don't think a customer should be able to do this with that option set, but it's possible that they can sadly. Paul
  13. Having looked at my ow sites there does indeed seem to have been a fairly significant re-work of Page Rank. Maybe it isn't dead after all, since there have been more updates this year than previously Have you tried looking at canonical links to focus your pagerank better? Your homepage should link to all your categories surely, and isn't there a link back to the home page on each category page? Paul
  14. Sure I realise you weren't looking for a "build" but to date the "requirements" haven't been terribly clear, so answering an "Is it possible" question is hard! As far as I'm aware: #1 No, not freely available. Still on my list of things to do, but fairly low priority for me right now. #2 This is possible, although rather awkward due to the template system in Prestashop. I would suggest that the easiest approach would be to design a Prestashop theme, and then implement it in Wordpress, rather than the other way around. #3 I've been looking at something similar for integrating Vanilla 2 and Prestashop. The answer is "Yes, this is kind of possible". For #3 I've taken the approach of writing a module that accepts requests for dynamic content out of Prestashop that can be inserted elsewhere on the site without requiring the target to run any Prestashop-specific code. Using this method you could, for example, display the "homefeatured" block on your Wordpress pages. This seems convoluted but sadly there are just too many clashes (global functions and variables) to include code directly into Prestashop and hope that they will happily coexist, and vice-versa. Hope this helps, Paul
  15. The problem with requests like this is that there is never a clear definition of what folks are actually trying to achieve. You can install wordpress and Prestashop on the same server, for sure and link to your products in blog articles. The problems arise when you want to actually integrate the two together. - You mention a single sign-on as being a requirement. Why? Is it that hard to log in to separate (and lets face it completely diffferent) admin systems? - Is the intention to allow Wordpress content to be placed on Prestashop pages and vice-versa? How would you intend relating the two? - Comments on product pages? Again, how would these be logically linked? I guess what I'm saying is that just because a customer wants something, doesn't mean it's a good, well thought out idea Paul
  16. Sections 16 and 17 (and particularly 17.5 and 17.6) should be useful http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/channelsPortalWebApp/downloadFile?contentID=HMCE_CL_001596 Paul
  17. On our hosting all the files are backed up to a separate online backup server every hour so both the store files and the mysql database can be recovered to within a maximum of 60 minutes from the "event". This could be set more frequently, but as with all things you need to balance the risks with the costs. I would first make an assessment of the backup (and more importantly the recovery) facilities available to you via your server environment and from there decide how often you may have to take action yourself to protect your business. I'm glad to see that you're looking ahead! Paul
  18. This is indicative of a more fundamental problem which is the rounding used in price calculations. It can have consequences when looking at TAX and TAX calculations too. Different countries use different methods, although I'm not absolutely certain how PayPal handle it the following link shows that at least Google Checkout takes note of the different systems used in different countries: http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/developer/Google_Checkout_HTML_API_Rounding_Policy.html I would suggest that this is something that needs further thought rather than just messing about with code to get the numbers to work. Paul
  19. Well I'm not sure why you think that the first level subdirectories would be a PR2?? Remember that page rank is exponential and relies on votes. If the only links to your internl pages are from your own home-page, then you'll get a little bit of PR from that but not much. I assume that you've been gaining links to your home page which is why it has risen to PR3. Keep up the good work, but remember that Page Rank (the toolbar green thingy) doesn't really relate to much Just chill ad enjoy the sales you're making - conversion is a lot more important Paul
  20. A simple CMS is built in to prestashop since version 1.1 Look under the tools tab and you'll see a menu option at the right hand side of the menu below the tabs -- CMS Paul
  21. You can check in every theme template file whether the customer is logged in, and if they aren't then display a message telling them to log in? Paul
  22. The module uses the standard PrestaShop class to upload the images, so it's the same issue as that with the product images. I need to revisit this again anyway after the flurry of upgrades to the PrestaShop main version, so maybe the next time I'll do it slightly differently. Paul
  23. On the issue of fonts. Quoted from the original author (remember this is a port, and NOT my original work!!)
  24. As Patrice75 says add the following BEFORE line 340 in ps_cumulus.php: $tagcloud = ""; Double or single quotes work equally well, but this forum doesn't like plain single quotes! The code around this will now look like: public function hookRightColumn($params) { $tagcloud = ""; $options = unserialize(Configuration::get($this->name.'_options')); I'll update thee version on my site in the next day or so, but right now I need to get some sleep ... Paul
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