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  1. Modulerna fungerar i vår butik endast med testpersoner men inte med riktiga.
  2. Det finns dock några saker man bör tänka på när man kodar denna modul. Modulen måste ha stöd för rabattkoder, fraktalternativ samt spårning via tacksidan för kopplingar mot affiliate-program. Och man vill inte reta upp kunderna med några buggar på kassan. Kodaren som jag anlitat kunde tyvärr inte klara detta för att jobbet verkar mer komplicerad än det ser ut... Om någon kan fixa en stabil modul med funktioner ovan så är jag intresserad. Alternativ: Vi kan skapa förfrågan här på forumet om någon som redan har modulerna kan sälja de till oss. MVH
  3. Jag är med och är redo att betala 500-1000:- för Klarna Checkout moduler. MVH Jimmy
  4. Enligt Klarna integration kommer inga Checkout moduler som fungerar med PS 1.5 att släppas inom snart framtid. Om man nu vill integrera Klarna i PS 1.5 så är det endast via Prestaworks.
  5. Available_now & Available_later in Product-list.tpl

    Hi guys! I was also trying to show product availability in product-list.tpl but it's displaying only 'In stock' even if there are some products not in stock. I am not using layered navigation block module, could you tell me please what is wrong? Thanks in advance!
  6. Just additional info about the basic speed optimizations we did: Cache activated ✓ CCC instead CSS ✓ Force compile unactivated ✓ Images easy files as possible✓ and some other settings... anymore suggestions?
  7. Hi Mike! Thanks for your reply. Here is the link to our shop. Do you think it's possible to enhance its speed more? We tried hard with some skilled "Presta guys" but without success. I don't think the problem is the host, its swedish Oderland. People host very fast sites there. Do you think the optimized Checkout page coming in the next 1.5 version? I actually already did my suggestions on "Forge" too and I guess nobody did them there before. Thanks for the link for comments module. I meant it should come by default in PS otherwise the existing product comment feature is almost useless because people leave comments very rarely by registering or by signing in. But I left my suggestion. Thanks in advance. Regards Jimmy
  8. Prestashop 1.5 Beta 4 available

    Hi! I would like to know if there any improvements on checkout page in 1.5? It's pretty annoying and confusing for a visitor to see the message "Please sign in to see payment methods".
  9. Hi Prestashop community and team! I have been using now Prestashop software for about 2 years for my business. Firstly, I would like to thank Prestashop team, developers and everybody who involved in making a great opportunity for small business owners to start easy and cheap beautiful e-store. But today I decided and took my time to write my opinion shortly. 1) Prestashop front office is still slower than other platforms! Nobody want to visit a slow website. Please, the speed should be improved. I am just guessing that it caused by too many maps with many files under directories of PS. 2) One page checkout! I wonder why customers still must sign in to see payment methods in 2012? Customers want to be sure for everything before they start to sign in and making orders, when there are so many nice competitors out there to compare for them! As we can follow the statistics with Google Analytics many visitors looking at checkout page and leaving. To let or don't let to see payment method should at least be optional in settings. Fast growing Innovative payment solution company Klarna has designed a demo checkout page as recommendation to all e-merchants. You can see the page on link below: http://snabbkassa.com/produkter/s/2 This method now being used by most of web shops in Sweden and becoming standard for every e-store here. And all of them have much work to do in checkout page before start using Prestashop. 3) Anonymous comments for products or leave comment without log in. I hope these changes going to be done in PS 1.5 final version so that we merchants not going to be stressed and spending much time on fixing these problems when upgrading our sites. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards Jimmy
  10. [MODULE] Image/Video Gallery

    Hi Adrian! Is it possible to duplicate the image gallery module? Or I would just like to open a gallery page which is not connected to the existing gallery. Please if you can link to some guide if this question were discussed before in this forum or if you could show how to do. Thank you very much in advance. /Jimmy
  11. Presta mail på svenska?

    Tack för hjälpen! Det krävdes bara program "WinRAR archiver" och extrahera filen för att se innehållet av sv.gzip filen.
  12. Presta mail på svenska?

    Hej Patrik! Jag känner mig lite trög, skulle jag kunna fråga dig om hur man kommer fram till dessa mails katalog? Jag skulle behöva vissa delar av översättningen då om man importerar sv.gzip till systemet kan ju alla gamla översättningar gå förlorad. Tack på förhand för din hjälp. MVH Jimmy
  13. [MODULE] Image/Video Gallery

    Thank you! Its working fine now.
  14. [MODULE] Image/Video Gallery

    Thanks for your help. It looked like working but there are only 9 images showing from 12 and the next page is empty or still error.
  15. [MODULE] Image/Video Gallery

    Hi Adrian! Exactly the same problem here. all images showing in the same page though there is "show 10 items" in page submit button. And next is a error page.