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  1. I'm seeing this now in my shop. I set up a fresh instance of PS1.6.1.4 and the problem is not happening there. I also disabled overrides and still have the problem. I'm uploading the full file set again to my live site just in case some extension jacked with the core files. GD Lib is installed. Everything was working last week...but this has been an insane 10 days so I didn't notice exactly when this started happening. Did you find a solution?
  2. Just installed Prestashop Paypal USA/CA > Advanced Payments Order processes fine, but Paypal confirmation box is blank on my one page checkout. There is some speculation the module won't work with SmartyCache enabled. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/400054-smarty-cache-breaking-our-paypal-module-and-checkout I haven't found the solution yet, but 1. Have you had any issues with the Paypal Payment area being blank after order confirmation? If yes...possible solution suggestion? 2. Will your module work with SmartyCache enabled?
  3. I've spent most of another day trying to get Avatax to work. I realize the Avalara module is quite popular with a 5,000+ download icon in the Addon system. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/5040-avalara-avatax.html I realize the Avalara module is free, but the Avalara service is not free, but it is of no use to me without this module properly working. I have been digging around trying to find an answer, I think it comes down to the overrides the module creates during installation. I think there was a conflict with another extension override, but sorting it out has been very confusing. I don't expect people to drop everything and tend to my needs, but typically developers respond in 1-2 days. Below is a log of my attempts to receive support for Avatax: 14 Mar 2016@00:09 Created Forum Question https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/513536-avalara-avatax-applied-to-shipping-only-not-applied-to-products/ Responses above. 14 Mar 2016@08:38 Prestashop.com - Addon > Contact developer http://addons.prestashop.com/en/5040-avalara-avatax.html 3/21 @ 2100 = No response 17 Mar 2016@23:06 Avalara.com - Account > Support Request 3/22 @ 0700 = Sorry. Not our module. Contact Nurelm. 17 Mar 2016@22:22 Prestashop Forum Developer PM Sent https://www.prestashop.com/forums/user/337625-nurelm/ 3/22 @ 0800 Received response Since Avalara does not own the Prestashop connector, so you will need to contact NuRelm Technical Support for this issue. To escalate an AvaTax issue with NuRelm, please reach out to support@nurelm.com ;(724) 430-0490. If you are having trouble reaching anyone at NuRelm Technical Support, please reply to this email and reopen this case. I would be glad to submit a ticket for you to NuRelm Support. Please keep in mind that you will usually receive a faster response from non-Avalara Support Teams if you, as the customer, submits a ticket. 3/21 @ 2100 = No response 18 Mar 2016@02:33 Nurelm.com > Submitted Support Request 3/18 Received response saying they would ask the developer to look into it. No followup today. 3/21 @ 700 = Response Nurelm: Tax rules will be handled by Avalara, but you do have to enter one of Avalara's tax codes for each product from their long list of tax codes. https://help.avalara.com/000_AvaTax_Calc/000AvaTaxCalc_User_Guide/051_Select_AvaTax_System_Tax_Codes https://taxcode.avatax.avalara.com/ 23 Mar 2016 After wasting MANY house trying to get Avalara to work I decided to test the alternative. TaxCloud worked perfectly for me in our old Magento site so I figured it was worth a shot. I purchased the TaxCloud module ($100) http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/111-tax-cloud.html Disabled Avatax. Intalled TaxCloud from Presto-Changeo.com. Setup took about 30 minutes including merging and uploading override files and setting up my TaxCloud website API key. I put an item in my cart and the tax was properly calculated. Just to be sure I had given Avalara a fair test, I made one last attempt: 1. Disabled native tax 2. Enabled Avalara 3. Removed TaxCloud override files. 4. Uploaded Avalaratax override files 5. Cleared cache 6. Refreshed Cart RESULT = NO TAX CALCULATION Reversed the process 1. Disabled Avalaratax 2. Enabled native tax 3. Enabled TaxCloud 4. Removed Avalara overrides 5. Uploaded TaxCloud overrides 6. Cleaned cache 7. Refreshed Cart RESULT = PERFECT Address-based Sales Tax. I'll mark this thread as "Solved" but it's far from it. At least now I have accurate sales tax thanks to TaxCloud.
  4. #NuRelm thank you for commenting. I received this response from NuRelm customer support: Tax rules will be handled by Avalara, but you do have to enter one of Avalara's tax codes for each product from their long list of tax codes. https://help.avalara.com/000_AvaTax_Calc/000AvaTaxCalc_User_Guide/051_Select_AvaTax_System_Tax_Codes https://taxcode.avatax.avalara.com/ I went to that those sites and found tax code PC070000 for computer hardware. That's good enough for me. I logged into the Avatax control panel: Organizations > Our company > Tax Codes > Entered a tax code for PC070000. Then clicked on Tax Rules and verified the three states in which we collect tax were properly connected to PC070000. Next I went into Prestashop and turned off native tax and enabled Avatax. I then did a DB query to change all the tax codes to match. UPDATE `ps_avalara_taxcodes` set `tax_code` = 'PC070000'; That updated 44,283 skus. Then I went to the shop and placed an item into the cart. Again, correct sales tax was calculated on shipping but not on products. Am I missing something in the Avalara account configuration? and/or What am I missing in Prestashop? Is there a complete check list providing all the states necessary to make this work including Avatax account config, Prestashop and Product config information? I'd be glad to help myself if there is documentation. I disabled Avatax and enabled native tax and refreshed my shopping cart. The native tax was calculated as expected.
  5. The ##_avalara_taxcodes table had 1334 values, but we have 44,000 skus. It looks like that table is built as people add those items to the cart. The tax_code column was empty so I checked the I logged into the Avalara control panel and saw there were no tax codes lists so I created one and the associated tax rules.Still no Avalara tax in the shopping cart. From Avalara help: Definition: A unique label used to group items (products, services, or charges) by taxability. Example: PC040100 Required: Optional Limitations: If a tax code is not associated with the item, AvaTax assigns a default tax code of U0000000, indicating an unknown tax code. There is another table ##_avalara_carrier_cache, and the tax rates for shipping appears to be entered there. As stated before shipping tax is calculated accurately. However, the ##_avalara_product_cache table is empty. I would expect values to be entered into that table if Avalara is working properly. No response from module developer to question submitted 24 hours ago via Prestashop.com.
  6. I'm a PS newbie trying to activate his first store with Prestashop Normal tax configured for Washington State, USA. Tax rule applied via SQL to all 44,000 products and carriers. update ps16_product set id_tax_rules_group = 47; update ps16_product_shop set id_tax_rules_group = 47; update ps16_carrier_tax_rules_group_shop set id_tax_rules_group = 47; Add two items to cart. Standard WA tax (6.5%) calculates properly on products and tax. Installed Avalara 3.5.7 and enabled module. Configured Avalara and got a successful test connection. Disabled site tax system as per Avalara instructions. Verified site is using PHP 5.5+ as per readme. Refresh cart. Correct location-specific tax (8.8%) is applied to shipping only. Avalara tax is not being applied to products. This is the short version of the story. I've been picking at this and trying different things for 5 hours. Any suggestions on what I'm missing? EDIT: The Avalara readme says "### Product Tax Codes Avalara calculates taxes for your products based on an extensive list of tax codes. Unless you are relying on UPC codes, you must manually enter a tax code for each of your products." On the product edit page, there is no tax code dropdown, but rather an Avalara text box. The note below the box says, "Tax rules will be handled by Avalara". What tax code am I supposed to put in that box? I entered 47, which is the WA-State tax, just to see if that made any difference, but still no tax on this product in the cart after refresh. I removed the 47 and saved, then disabled the Avatax module and enabled standard PS tax. Refreshed cart and standard tax works as expected.
  7. The title of my post says, "Minimum Advertised Price" which is summarized by the description and the included screen shot. I din't ask for a long thing with rubber and metal...but if I did show you a picture of a screw driver, I bet you would understand what I was asking about. If you don't know what it is, I don't understand why you feel inspired to comment in such a condescending manner. These are restrictions placed on us by manufacturers. All their authorized resellers cannot advertise prices lower than the MAP price. However, we can sell the product for whatever we want. The typical eCommerce model is to show the prices like the screen shot I included and a function that is basically "Add this to the cart to see the real price". The whole thing is bogus but that's the marketing in which we operate. I've been able to set up the back end function by repurposing the other module. I'm a bit fuzzy on how to merge it all into the front end template and make it all place nice together, but I'll figure out the Smarty/PHP logic soon. When I figure it out, I'll post the solution. The other forum posts asking about MAP pricing are years old and unanswered.
  8. I previously purchased a module to show the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price / MSRP Found price / PPCMod Module http://addons.prestashop.com/en/19969-found-price-ppcmod.html I was able to clone and modify it to show MAP price via a bunch of Find>Replace. Thank you to this developer for making a simple and effective module. I haven't finished the front-end tweaks yet, but the admin is working perfectly so I have hope of getting this issue resolved.
  9. What is the best method for handling MAP pricing restrictions? We deal with several manufacturers with MAP pricing restrictions, but we can sell for whatever we want. 1. Show the MAP price on product list and product detail. 2. Show "See Price" button = Add to cart to see the price. (Example below from another site) Can this be done with a template modification? I must confess I'm new to PS (3 months), but I've been drilling through posts and extensions without finding a solution. I'm willing to pay for a solid solution. I'm three months into replacing our old osCommerce site with Prestashop and MAP pricing management is a deal breaker.
  10. I'm guessing you picked something other than Pestashop...I need this, and am unable to find a solution.
  11. I've been looking for a method or extension that would enable me to create a library of code/content snippets and reuse them in product descriptions. I use a "Snippet" Joomla extension that works great, but I haven't found a Prestashop equivalent yet. Example: We sell hundreds of products that have dozens of variations to the base product. The general description and product videos are the same for all the products. I want to avoid copy-paste redundancy and the major pain if I need to update that text. I use Responsive Product Tabs & Accordion for additional info which is excellent. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/additional-information-product-tab/17218-responsive-product-tabs-accordion.html However, I want to use reuse content in the descriptions. Is there a reasonable method for this in Prestashop?
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