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  1. Vedligeholdes denne integration stadig ? Understøtter den Prestashop 8.x?
  2. Is it possible to change the translation (without changing the master translation on Crowdin) of the variables used in eg. the template for the ordre confirmation e-mail. It contains variables like: {payments} and others enclosed in {} - how to override the default translation sof theese variables ?
  3. Nogen der ved hvor (ud over selvfølgelig selve hovedoversættelsen på Crowdin) man kan ændre oversættelsen for de variabler der forekommer i e-mail skabeloner som fx ordrebekræftelse - fx {payments} og lignende der er omkranset af {}?
  4. In the order confirmation there is a variable {payment}, for which i need to change the danish translation. Can this only be done by editing the transtation on crowdin or is there an override posibility anywhere in the system ??
  5. That script works - so as a temporary solution that is good - thank you! - I HAVE contact to the theme developer - but he was not shure that the problem was on his side ! I tried to change to classic theme (without your script) and there the image change works perfectly - so is that not a conclusion for a template based problem ?
  6. No compression active on the page. No zoom module either. This problem only arised after update of Prestashop to and update of modules - but which of it caused it - I do not know. And to late to rollback now.
  7. You can see the problem here: https://shop.danskmoebeldesign.dk/hynder-til-syver-stole/367-696-hynder-til-syverstole-applaus-stof.html#/111-applaus_stof-applaus_stof_40 The small image is changing correctly but not the big one ?? There are some errors with "Failed to load ressource" - but i do not really get what is going on there...
  8. After upgrading Prestashop from to, the color attributes on the products does not change the images anymore. I can see that the POST request is made and JSON is returned upon a clor change but nothing happens to the page !??
  9. Ahh sorry - all modules where not updated. I will try again and get back if the problem still persists.
  10. All modules on the site are updated including 1-Clik Upgrade (v. 4.11.0) I run on PHP version 7.1.33 The upgrade finalizes, but then shows this error: [INTERNAL] /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Config/Loader/FileLoader.php line 168 - Symfony\Component\Config\Exception\FileLoaderLoadException: Expected to find class "PrestaShopBundle\Controller\Admin\Configure\index" in file "/var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/src/PrestaShopBundle/Controller/Admin/Configure/index.php" while importing services from resource "/var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/app/../src/PrestaShopBundle/Controller/*", but it was not found! Check the namespace prefix used with the resource in /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/app/config/config.yml (which is being imported from "/var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/app/config/config_prod.yml"). #0 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Config/Loader/FileLoader.php(90): Symfony\Component\Config\Loader\FileLoader->doImport('/var/www/myweb...', NULL, false, '/var/www/myweb...') #1 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/DependencyInjection/Loader/YamlFileLoader.php(195): Symfony\Component\Config\Loader\FileLoader->import('config.yml', NULL, false, '/var/www/myweb...') #2 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/DependencyInjection/Loader/YamlFileLoader.php(127): Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Loader\YamlFileLoader->parseImports(Array, '/var/www/myweb...') #3 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Config/Loader/DelegatingLoader.php(40): Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Loader\YamlFileLoader->load('/var/www/myweb...', NULL) #4 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/app/AppKernel.php(151): Symfony\Component\Config\Loader\DelegatingLoader->load('/var/www/myweb...') #5 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/HttpKernel/Kernel.php(776): AppKernel->registerContainerConfiguration(Object(Symfony\Component\Config\Loader\DelegatingLoader)) #6 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/HttpKernel/Kernel.php(642): Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Kernel->buildContainer() #7 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/HttpKernel/Kernel.php(135): Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Kernel->initializeContainer() #8 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/modules/autoupgrade/classes/UpgradeTools/SymfonyAdapter.php(74): Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Kernel->boot() #9 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/modules/autoupgrade/classes/UpgradeTools/CoreUpgrader/CoreUpgrader17.php(50): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\UpgradeTools\SymfonyAdapter->initAppKernel() #10 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/modules/autoupgrade/classes/UpgradeTools/CoreUpgrader/CoreUpgrader.php(85): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\UpgradeTools\CoreUpgrader\CoreUpgrader17->initConstants() #11 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/modules/autoupgrade/classes/TaskRunner/Upgrade/UpgradeDb.php(41): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\UpgradeTools\CoreUpgrader\CoreUpgrader->doUpgrade() #12 /var/www/mywesite.dk/public_html/shop/admin330m1b8sf/autoupgrade/ajax-upgradetab.php(53): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\TaskRunner\Upgrade\UpgradeDb->run() #13 {main} When I navigate away everything is dead and I have to restore the site from en external backup !!
  11. I experienced exact same problem after upgrading to (the upgrade failed at the db upgrade - I do not know why) - I made a restore , tried the update the one click upgrade module and the backend went blank - why does this error happen ??
  12. Why do I get this error in the upper right - the frontend is correct translated, but I cannot change the modules translation in BackOffice ??? It is in
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