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  1. Asta e un modul pentru produse speciale,il am,imi trebuie altceva...
  2. nu reusesc sa-l instalez,trebuie sa mai fac ceva dupa dezarhivare?
  3. Salut, Caut si eu un un modul pentru homepage,ca un fel de message growl,dar nu chiar. Ma intereseaza sa transmit un mesaj catre clienti,dar intr-un format mai large decat "message growl",un fel de slide show,dar fara slide. Un fel de reclama la un serviciu nouceva in genul celor de la EMAG. Intelege cineva ce vreau? Si daca da,aveti idee unde gasesc asa ceva? Thks, Cristina
  4. Hello, I've just spoke with Dominique from support team and he advice me to change the cookie key in "myphpadmin". I did that and it works although I cannot figured it out why I didn't received an email with new pass on resetting.... Anyway,thank you very much for your answer ! Cristina
  5. Hello, Yesterday and today I have reseted my password twice but I haven't received any email with my new password...meanwhile I cannot login,what can I do? I have send an email to [email protected],but also with no answer.... Please help !
  6. Problema s-a rezolvat ! Incercasem sa instalez ultima versiune de prestashop si nu o facusem bine,acum este totul ok,va multumesc pentru raspunsuri !
  7. Salut, Se pare ca am facut o prostie si mi-au disparut toate modulele din lista (((( ; cred ca are legatura cu fisierul config.inc.php,dar nu stiu sa-l editez ... Ma poate ajuta cineva?
  8. Hello Patric ! In the meantime,I had figured out on my problem and I have resolved it ! Just FYI,it was about Translation -> Front Office -> Adresses - I was trying to change a field and I did it
  9. Hello, Tell me please,how can I add another field in the adresses module? (customers) I have to enter a value wich is required on the invoice. Thank you !
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