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  1. Hello My name is Carina ! I wonder if any body knows how to install a Forum to my website... Thank you so much for your help Best regards Carina
  2. Hi ! I need help to place my carousel in the middle of my home page, now it's placed in the bottom. If anyone know how to change this I would be very grateful. I have checked the forum with no results. The adress for my site is, http://www.peoplesdesign.nu Thank you in advance Carina
  3. Thank you so much for all your help This is exactly what I want. Carina :-)
  4. Thank you so much for your help. I want it exactly like that but without the buttons and the text...like a gallery and white background. I'm so thankfull for your help...you have realy made my day My very best wishes, Carina
  5. Hi !! Thank you for helping me I don't realy know where to look in css. There are a lot of blocks and tables and different sizes and I don't realy know how to write to get the 4 colums x 7 lines. If I can get help step by step I would be so grateful. Thank you, Carina
  6. Hi !!! My name is Carina. I wonder if any one could help me.... I want to put 30 pictures of my products on page one, 30 pictures on page 2 etc. Example: 4 colums horizantal and 7 colums vertical.(On my product page) I have tried all kinds of way to do this with no results, tried to import CSV.file as well but don't know realy how this works. Please, help me someone..I'm realy stuck here...could use your help in step by step...or any help given to me. Thank you so much for your help. Carina
  7. Hej ! Jag har problem med designen produktsidan. Jag vill att mina produkter ska visas på sidan som i en tabell ex. vågrätt 4-5 bilder efter varandra och Lodrätt 7 bilder under varandra. Nu ligger dom en och en under varandra med kanppen "Lägg i varukorgen", vill inte ha det så. Finns det någon som vet hur man ändrar den sidan så vore jag otroligt tacksam. Ett jätte stort tack i förhand ! Mvh/Carina
  8. Hej ! Hur översätter jag från svenska till engelska i Moduler>Framside editor den egen skrivna texten i Introduktionstextrutan. Har sökt i hela forumet utan resultat eller så är jag blind. Tackar för din hjälp i förhand. Mvh/Carina
  9. Hi, I have the folowing problem, I have been sitting with this problem now for ages.. If someone could help me I would bee so grateful.. I try to add a new language in back office>tools>language for name and iso code: NAME: svenska (swedish) ISO CODE:sv When I fill in the Iso Code I get this message in the bottom of the page: No langage pack available on prestashop.com for this iso code I have tried putting other language Iso Code as well, but getting the same message. It’s the same with the flag and no-picture“image”. Then it say in the top: "error" the Flag and No-Picture image fields are required Even though I uploaded the image flag. I’m not so sure about the no-picture“image”, tried with a image in english.. I just can’t get it to work !!! I have windows Internet explorer 8 FTP: FileZilla Could something have gone wrong in the installation of Prestashop. Please some one…help me Thank you Carina
  10. Hej igen ! Det hjälpte inte heller... Kommer här med en ny fråga angående min språkfil: Ska jag lägga den i Myadmin först (i databasen) ? Om så är fallet hur gör jag då ? Mvh/Carina
  11. Tack för din hjälp Susanne ! Har tagit en liten runda och läst lite här och där... Kan mitt problem vara att jag inte har skapat "my store theme" i themes.. Efter instalationen hoppade jag direkt till språk delen. Ska pröva detta nu så får vi se vad som händer. Carina
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