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  1. Well I have discovered that the problem is not my hosting or cert. I have installed another cart and everything is working fine. Unfortunately as much as I like Presta it is of no use to me unless this security error is sorted. The main problem is when, after logging in and viewing the cart you proceed to view more products the error shows. Its strange because you can create an account and check out without any problems, but once you decide to take another look at some products, non secure items error.' Seems funny that no one else has run into this problem. If there is a fix, I will be back to Presta like a shot! But at the moment I can't use it.
  2. I'm installed the final release. Hopefully this will solve my problem. If nobody else is having this issue I am thinking my host is the problem now. But I'd still appreciate any input. It seems the non secure items is only happening once the customer is logged in and starts adding items to there cart. Thanks.
  3. Have you guys had any problems with SSL in this cart? I've been having problems for days. I thought everything was fixed now, but yesterday I noticed and security error when adding items to the cart after I have already gone to https. It seems all the core image files are not https even though I have it turned on. I also contacted my host and after spending the whole day on it the now say its the script! Anyone else come across this? Here is my hosts response: SSL works normal, you need to contact software developer. As I can see option PS_SSL_ENABLED is disable in your program, I have no idea how to enable it. PLUS https://bagspalace.com/img/m/1.jpg works normal, but your site code change URL from https to http you need to contact software developer to resolve that issue. I'm stumped- Thanks.
  4. Excellent! Thank you very much. I am still finding my way around things!
  5. Hi, I recently installed my SSL cert and all is working fine. I have just tried to install the logo, but the installation process requires I paste some code into the body and header tags </HEAD> and </BODY> but I can't find these. Does anybody know what file I need to edit. I know it maybe a silly quesiton but I am very new to Presta. Thank you.
  6. MoneyBookers IPN would be great! I use Moneybookers to accept credit cards also with our merchant account. But I would be happy with anything at the moment. Thanks for the fast reply. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, ie testing.
  7. Hi, Any update on this? Is there any plans to install this on a upcoming version? I really like Moneybookers. No messing with them. Thanks.
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