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  1. I want to create a very simple module, an interface that will be displayed where "bankwire" and "cash on delivery" in the front office. from this module some data (id product, price ...) will sent to another page, for example a commercial bank payment page. I made a "template module" with the help of https://validator.prestashop.com/auth/login and began to investigate. I stumbled upon a class "PaymentModul" this class is "parrent" class for "bankwire" and for my template module, but I can not find it in the Root / class / paymentModule.php. instead of class "PaymentModule" there is class "PaymentModuleCore";
  2. 'remake' change ./override only many empty index.php files nothing special
  3. I want to to remake the the bankwir module under my own way and trying to find the classes and methods used in this module. I'm doing right? is there an easier way?
  4. than you selectshop.at than you ndiaga but i still can't find class "PaymentModule". is It somehow interrelated with "cache/class_index.php" and "PrestaShopAutoload::load($classname)"(/classes/PrestaShopAutoload.php)?
  5. I'm not a pro in the "php" and I cann't find class "PaymentModule" (BankWire extends PaymentModule). "PaymentModule" and "PaymentModulecore"(clsses/PaymentModule.php) is the same?
  6. I have changed "modulname.php" file. i've put this one $this->limited_countries = array('GE') and then install Module(s) installed successfully. it is justified, or should not have to do so?
  7. I have made the new template payment module with https://validator.prestashop.com when i try to install this module jump out error " This module is not available in your country". i have made no changes in this module. localization is georgia please help
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