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  1. There seems to be another thread running in parallel with this one For early versions of PS it seems we may not be affected by this problem see here the official statement http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/380185-paypal-modification-ssl-v3-to-tls/ Hope this helps
  2. Hi came across this site to test if you might have a problem. Read the article here 1st http://www.layer5solutions.com/ecommerce/magento/paypal-poodle-sslv3-magento-hosting-customers/ http://foundeo.com/products/iis-weak-ssl-ciphers/test.cfm
  3. Hi Whilst I am no techie I have been desperately trying to bottom out whether PS 1.3.2 is vunerable to this paypal issue. All the indications are that the paypal module for PS 1.3.2 does not have this issue - However, I can only wait till dec to see if I get locked out when Paypal shuts down its ssl3 service. Any experts out there that can confirm this yet??
  4. Hi Further input on PS1.3.2 The Paypal file listed by tomer does not exist The nearest ref I can find to the curlopt is in the file validation.php. curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false); Which is different from the newr paypal modules. Does that mean we do not have the problem? Thanks
  5. Hi Can anyone confirm whether PS 1.3.2 will have the paypal problem - I am not a techie and thus a fix will be a problem for me - so straight answer would be useful. Thanks
  6. Hi Musicmaster Thank you for taking a look. I am afraid the problems are still there. Whilst the some functionality has returned to the search facility the search results are inaccurate. I am in discussion with a couple of experts to see if they can diagnose the issues. Thanks for your interest Justdogwalking
  7. Hi I have had my PS " justdogwlking.com for a few years and it has been working fine till this year when I have lost the search facility and now I cannot make "links" within the product descriptions. I had some bespoking done before I opened and this has prevented me from upgrading to later PS versions. Is there anyone that would is very 1.3 savvy that could cast their eye over my set up to see if it is worth repairing or abandoning. ( I do very little business - but it is a hobby enjoy. One of the contributors has taken a look at the lost search facility and says the problem is in the core code not the search code. So it maybe that my core code is getting corrupt? I am not web savvy - I just wanted to run a shop. Thanks
  8. Hi My initial reaction is the front page is too fussy - too much going on I would try and simplify the presentation reduce the number of rotating images ?
  9. Hi everyone that has replied to this project. I have more than enough offers of help Thanks you
  10. Hi Have had website running for few years all ok. recently _ not sure exactly when the quick search facility in my PS stopped returning any search results. I am told problem is in core code not module? I have no web /coding expertise. so looking for someone that could take a look and hopefully fix. Thanks
  11. Hi Thanks for continued interest I hope the attached file are the ones you need to look at. They are copied from my master copy of PS 1.3.2 but are exactly the same as those on the website as I have tried uploding them incase the web versions were damaged. Hope you can find the problem Thanks again Search.php Search.php SearchEngine.php
  12. Hi Thanks for your continued support Sorry to sound dumb but where will I find searchController.php? I have had a quick look but it does not seem obvious. Thanks
  13. Hi Thanks for coming back again. The last module to be installled was a guest registration but I have tried uninstalling this to no effect. Any further thoughts Thanks
  14. Thanks for coming back I have no meaningful technical knowledge of the software so as far as I know I have a bog standard system which was working fine. It was only when a customer highlighted the issue that I knew something was wrong. Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. Thanks for your response Will enable quick search now. Hope we can find the problem. Regards
  16. Hi Sorry for the late feedback. Have done what you suggested but still Quick search does not work. Any further thoughts? Thanks
  17. Hi Thanks for your work and feedback What you found is exactly what is happening. However, I am afraid I do not understand what you mean by "rebuilding the search index" How should I do that? Thanks
  18. Hi thanks for the quick response Which url do you need? The main website is www.justdogwalking.com If you need access to BO how can I send a blind response? Thanks
  19. Hi Any veterans still running PS 1.3x ? Need some help my "quick search" facility/module has stopped working does anyone have any ideas where I can look to fix - I am not a web techie. Note:- I am still running PS 1.3x as I had core code modifications as part of drop ship module I use. Thanks
  20. Hi I may have had a customer place on order on my site with my paypal module set to sandbox mode. Would the payment have gone through into my sandbox account? If it may have done - can I use the prestashop "refund" facility to refund the customer. unfortunately I am not very experienced with these things - hence the question Thanks for any help you can offer
  21. Hi Just come across your issue as I have started to get ghost carts . Try this free module www.catalogo-onlinersi.com.ar I find it clears nearly all the rubbish from one's d.base.
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