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  1. I want to know whats the best way to use multi-store with CCTLD. I have a shop example.com running fine for 2 years I just bought example.us which would be specific for people visiting from US How can I set this up in multistore. What do I change in the section.
  2. I have two stores Store 1: Sells equipment Store 2: Sells Spare Parts for those equipment Is there a way to link spareparts to the equipment. I mean i want the users who visit the spareparts store to be able to identify with which products they could use these spareparts and vice versa. Is there a module that helps to acheive this?
  3. Hi, Ive added an new order stauts like 'Ready For Pickup'. I want to send an email when the status is selected for the order and want to shoot an email there. I have to select a template for the email so I was wondering how I could add a new email template to be selected here.
  4. Basically right now once you click on a category you get all the subcategories. I want to show all the main categories in one page so as to say all the home categories. How can i do that?
  5. My Prestashop Version is The problem i'm facing is that the when I add/edit a product and save it, it doesnt always save. Sometimes it works fine but mostly it does'nt work and nothing is saved, This usually happens with Chrome. Can I know how to debug this error. I have the debugmode as on in my config file but no error. Note: When it doesnt save, I dont get the Green message Any help will be appreciate
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