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  1. Happy New Year Vekia, I tried several modules for a few days that I could not figure out how to make work, including the one you offer. The content box.. I tried so often.. and couldn't get the developer to respond. Trying to move html box in location where I needed it never occurred. I was so disappointed. The only advice that worked for me was inserting the adsense code in the header.tpl. I am new at this a fresh learner.. soooo I did the best I could.. Thanks
  2. Thank you so much for this simple info.. I wasted so much time trying to embed code inside of different modules, that never placed where I need it. Thanks a
  3. Thanks so much for this info.. I've heard about this for some time.. but never took time to understand it. Seems as though it was not a tab.. but I changed the width.. ugh.. days to figure this out.. Thanks again a
  4. Hello.. just curious to know if you found a resolution to embedding google adsense code. Thanks a
  5. OK.. uninstalled reinstalled.. nothing... disabled search bar where it sits next to.. nothing. Here is my website I will leave open for a couple of hours.. as I continue to work on other stuff.. http://themythofthebrokenhome.com/shop/en/ a
  6. This is the code I found in my files themes/default-bootstrap/sass/modules/blockcart/blockcart.scss that is not the same as when comparing to demo #header .shopping_cart { position: relative; float: right; padding-top: 50px; > a:first-child { &:after { content: "\f0d7"; font-family: $font-icon; display: inline-block; float: right; font-size: 18px; color: #686666; padding: 6px 0 0 0; } } > a:first-child:hover { &:after { content: "\f0d8"; padding: 4px 0px 2px 0px; } This is the demos media="all" #header .shopping_cart { position: relative; float: right; padding-top: 50px; } fo.demo.prestashop.com/media="all" .shopping_cart { width: 270px;}
  7. OK.. sorry can't figure out what u mean by "reset".. I disabled and enabled it.. here is what the position blocks look like. Honestly I remember doing something a few days ago to keep customers from clicking on purchase or buy link. Because I only want to show people what's coming as a teaser.. didn't want them to try shopping. I'm trying to use chrome's developer tools and compare with prestashop demo I can't figure this out a
  8. Ok .. let me see.. no telling what happened.. I'm just all over the place.. I'll be back
  9. Hello.. So I'm trying to embed google adsense in the spot where img 4 on home page resides. I want to remove that image and input adsense. Yes, I can disable the image.. but???? I am trying to use this content box thing.. just a bit confused as how to hook it in that location as well. Thanks a
  10. Hello.. Getting a bit frustrated.. I've been looking for my cart for a few days now.. disabled, enabled.. still nothing. Used live edit.. don't see it. Maybe asking will give me more clarity.. I have another question but will start another topic. Thanks in advance a
  11. Hello... thought I would reach out to the community hoping someone with expertise can help me here.. I found a way to edit the Store Information in the footer. Of course like many others I read former post I noticed the company name, etc... just kept running on.. no formatting. I some how found the code but it was in a global.css file that I edited and I inserted "tab". Later after researching the forum, I saw a solution from Vekia an ambassador gave correct coding using <br>. My dilemma is I did not copy the location of the first code I changed inserting a "tab" or maybe "margin-right" or "padding" I can't remember.. although it's lined up.. it's too far to the right.. See sample image below I have been reading every forum post related to this footer, checked themes, modules, tpl, etc.. But I remember editing a global.css file. Stupid me for not documenting my changes better. Something so simple costing me a lost of wasted time. Hope you can give me some direction.. as how to locate the tab - oh btw, I use Firebug inspector and it's been no help. My site is not public. Thanks in advance.. A Gabrielle
  12. LOL.. the question is not who I am but who are you to think you can speak to me in a condescending tone. Let me enlighten you a tad bit.. I've worked over 20 years for two of the most influential global 500 companies... and regardless if items or service are free or not you deliver to your customer as if they were paying full price. Nothing is free.. Prestashop is receiving some sort of benefit in the long run. Doesn't matter.. However, I think Fedex understands that concept because at minimum they do have a department dedicated towards assisting folk for a free service. Nevertheless, if you are unable to work towards a positive resolution.. you can remove yourself from this conversation.. and allow someone who is willing.. I'll cease discussion with you. Have a good day .... A Btw, I have already visited those links and gained info that I'm able to pass onto Fedex - and I've spoken to fed-ex last week so there is a problem within their last update obviously
  13. what u say maybe true.. but I also believe if a company such as "Prestashop" offers certain services, they need to work with vendors they provide to us the end users to ensure everything works properly. THis is not the first, the second, nor the third module I have attempted to use and receive error messages. It gets a bit frustrating. How often does Prestashop go thru and check the modules they offer? Prestashop tech should call Fed-ex webservices tech and speak to them. a
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