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  1. Hello Ehinar, It's been a while, but i don't forgetwhat you have done for me and all oyher people. I am still using this module in new shop. We keep in touch mate.
  2. Can i get some help here please? I have a top menu where the categorie is shown. But if i ad an categorie, the bar is going on the top op the one i allready have. How can i fix this? Maybe a hook?
  3. i do now have the same problem. Is there a fix? I use the module from TB. But is have a bug. Please help. hack attemp problem Every other module works ok.
  4. Hello here, I have a small problem but don't know how to fix. I have updated my shop from 1.1 to 1.25 but now the entire home-featured shows the first pics i added in the catalog. Now i would like the last pics i add displays on home-featured. How can i do this? Best regards. Dwita
  5. Update the language you are using in the shop: admin. your language etc... Than everything works again. i was also fighting this issue, but after that everything works fine now. Cheers
  6. He will let you test it on his demo site. But dont let that fool you, because when you upload on your host. The problems begins. Only in mozilla the templates looks good. In IE everything is messed up. and i still waiting for an answer. So becarefull mate. money is gone!!!!
  7. Hi, Its not the language, we comumincate good before that. But i think that you don´t want to do what people ask. So if you don nut want to do such things tell your customers, don´t let them mail and hope you will answer. About the theme, i donut know what kind off IE you are using, but i try certain machines and all give the collapsing error on the theme i buy from you. I want to know if this is an module problem i use or else. because i cannot use it.
  8. Don't buy templates from this guy. The templates looks nice but do nut work correctly. When you mail this guy, he won't mail you again. so gone is your money. He sucks!! I donut complain if i buy a theme from some one and he say sorry are whatever. This guy leave you standing whit a peace of crap. You better use the templates from DGcraft are Atch. You donut have to go whit my comment, its your choice and my meaning.
  9. Norman bedankt voor je reactie. Wat jij zegt heb ik allemaal gedaan. en de klanten kunnen ook kiezen tussen deze opties. Alleen als ik een zwaardere set verkoop boven de 10KG. Geeft mijn shop automatisch 12,95 aan in de winkelmand. Dat is goed. Maar als de klant dan gaat afrekenen komt hij nogmaals bij de optie kies uw verzendmethode. Hier gaat het dan fout, want ze zetten hem rustig weer op 8,61. De hack werkt dan niet meer. Er moet een mogelijkheid zijn om de 2 opties onzichtbaar te maken en alleen 12,95 te weergeven. Maar dit is erg lastig. Gr. Dwight
  10. Anyone here have i nice theme to sell? I am looking for a great theme guys.
  11. Hi thanks for your help. Only problem is that my shop is live. And if i use the new theme, i have to close the store and paste your IP in the back office. Let me know when you ready. Best Regards.
  12. Is er hier iemand die klanten de optie verzekerd verzenden bied? Ik gebruik in mijn shop standaard €7, maar wil de optie verzekerd zenden van €8,61 erbij hebben. Klanten moeten dit dus kunnen kiezen. Dit heb ik al gerealiseerd, maar als er een product boven de 10kg wordt geplaatst in de winkelmand geeft hij €12,95 aan. (Dit is goed) De klant logt in en kiest adres, en daarna ziet hij de verzendtmethode. Hier gaat het fout, want ze kunnen namelijk hier weer de verzendkosten veranderen naar €7. Hoe kan ik ervoor zorgen dat dit niet mogelijk is? Hopelijk begrijpen jullie mijn vraag. Groetjes.
  13. earn €50 on your pay-pal account. I need some one who can help me fix an IE compatibility problem of my theme. When i move my mouse over the category-bar, the template collapse in IE6, 7 and 8. Other small problem is that the search is not on his place in IE versions. If you can fix this, ill pay you. cheers.
  14. David, Is it possible to test the template before we buy? Because i bought one theme but it keeps collapsing in IE 6, 7 and 8. Only in Mozilla its perfect. When i moving the mouse pointer over the category bar the problem appears. I donut want to buy i theme like that anymore because its waste of my money. So before i buy another theme, i want to test it. And if some one here have a custom theme for me till €100 ill buy if i like it. Bye.
  15. Nobody seems to know, and i think the Presta-team doesn't know either. But i donut blame them. they aren't God. I am building a new site with zen-cart. The forum is different and i have over 60 free templates i can modify myself. I learned much from Presta-shop about some coding, but i am tired off the questions without answers. So i give it up. I think you have to wait for there next release. 1.3
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