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  1. I disabled guest shopping until I find a solution. Is a pity because guest shipping do increase the sales a lot.
  2. This create lots of problems lately. Guests add products to their cart. The cart shows Shipping: Free They complete their order and when they have to pay for shipping the complain that we "advertised" free shipping and then do not want to pay the shipping. How can I remove that line from the cart? My local courier is selected as our default carrier but still it shows free for all guest carts. I would rather remove that line till the end or replace the word "Free" with "Not calculated yet"
  3. How can I get Presta to send me a notification when I receive a new product comment? I know that the module I need to edit is the built in module: Product Comments, but if I do not receive a notification I do not know that there are new comments waiting to be approved. I do not want to set it to auto approve because I still want to know about the comments and see what they are about. Another issue I have is if I go to Product comments and cannot see to what product the comment refers to. It is just a comment and client name but no reference to what product he is talking about. Sometimes you can figure it out from the comment, but if he just says something like "crappy product" there is no way to see which product is crappy so that you can investigate the matter.
  4. If I go to my main page at http://www.4x4direct.co.za/ it wants to install prestashop?
  5. I cleaned the cache now and ran the upgrade.php and still get a blank screen, but now errors in error log
  6. Thanx the php version change got me back in the admin control panel
  7. Deleted the overide files and ran upgrade again. Getting worse now, cannot log into my admin panel, the following is displayed on the login page and there is no block for username and pw.
  8. I am currently on 7.4.16 but I switched and tried all the ones below with no success: 7.3.27 7.2.34 7.1.33 7.0.33 5.6.40 5.4.16
  9. Under modules is only /contactform Under controllers are admin and front Under classes are a very long list
  10. So can I just delete the 3 folders in the overrides folder? Classes Controllers Modules
  11. Even though I uninstalled all modules, when I went to the modules folder I saw all of them there. So I deleted all module related folders inside the modules folder. Prestools overide table is now clean. Now I get this in the server error log
  12. If I go to Shop Rescue in Prestools it tells me this: But Prestashop shows me I am on even though I did not manage to do the upgrade yet.
  13. attributewizardpro is the one with the overrides but it has been deactivated. I now uninstalled it and still get this
  14. Yes I notice the overide is still there. I installed Prestools and I also installed the prestoolssuite-module am busy figuring it out now
  15. I uninstalled all modules relating to the custom theme (Angar Theme) and also all modules related to a cart. I still get a blank screen after upgrade and now the error log on server changed a bit:
  16. I have no idea, I uninstalled custom theme and disabled all modules. The custom theme did have plenty of modules that came with it, I am going to uninstall those now
  17. Don't know what all of these mena but in Presta debug mode and my server log there are complaints about the cart. No idea what it is about. Presta Debug mde log: Server error log
  18. OK, I deleted my custom theme and the only theme on presta is now Classic. I disabled All modules, all of them. I copied the files as per instructions at https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/basics/keeping-up-to-date/upgrade/ Yet again when I ran the upgrade file I was greated with a blank page and my error logs shows the following: 11301#0: *955208 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Warning: Declaration of Cart::getProducts($refresh = false, $id_product = false, $id_country = NULL, $fullInfos = true) should be compatible with CartCore::getProducts($refresh = false, $id_product = false, $id_country = NULL, $fullInfos = true, bool $keepOrderPrices = false) in /var/www/vhosts/4x4direct.co.za/httpdocs/override/classes/Cart.php on line 0" while reading response header from upstream nginx error 2021-04-04 13:49:16 Warning 11301#0: *955208 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Warning: Declaration of Cart::getProducts($refresh = false, $id_product = false, $id_country = NULL, $fullInfos = true) should be compatible with CartCore::getProducts($refresh = false, $id_product = false, $id_country = NULL, $fullInfos = true, bool $keepOrderPrices = false) in /var/www/vhosts/4x4direct.co.za/httpdocs/override/classes/Cart.php on line 0PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Exception\IOException: Failed to remove directory "/var/www/vhosts/4x4direct.co.za/httpdocs/var/cache/prod/": rmdir(/var/www/vhosts/4x4direct.co.za/httpdocs/var/cache/prod/): Directory not empty. in /var/www/vhosts/4x4direct.co.za/httpdocs/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Filesystem/Filesystem.php:180 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/vhosts/4x4direct.co.za/httpdocs/classes/Tools.php(3458): Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Filesystem->remove(Array) #1 [internal function]: ToolsCore::{closure}() #2 {main} thrown in /var/www/vhosts/4x4direct.co.za/httpdocs/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Filesystem/Filesystem.php on line 180" while reading response header from upstream
  19. The reason I want to upgrade it is because I found that the longer one wait the more problematic it becomes later when there is another big upgrade. The reason I want to go for the overkill is because I tried 3 times before to upgrade from to a newer version and each time it fails. I then decide to just leave it as it is until a month or 3 later then I try again. I want to get it over and done with this weekend because it is quiet.
  20. Thank you. I do not have many modules. Must I just disable the modules and them or must I uninstall it? This time I am going to uninstall my custom theme and disable all modules, or delete, depending on what is best?
  21. So when I try to upgrade again, is there a way I would know which module is not compatible?
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