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  1. Thank you v much works fine on 1.6.9
  2. Hi tdr170 I downloaded your module and I got this message below. Why is it so? please save me. Error occurred: Please try to contact the merchant: <b>PayPal response:</b> TIMESTAMP -> 2014-06-19T18:19:11Z L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10002 L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Security error L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> Security header is not valid L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error
  3. I had alot of problem on my frontend too and wasted too much time on searching for solution. Please share with me how can I delete everything and reinstall 1.6 and do all basic from scratch please?
  4. Hi, After I install the module for one click upgrade, after reading the presta newsletter, I have no sales and wonder why till a regular customer contacted me. This upgrade is the only changes I made and after deleting, per product pages and some category pages is still blank. My back-end category listing images is also gone. Please let me know how I can get it back and running again as I have already lost a quarter month of sales and my baby will be coming anytime next week. I cant afford to wait anymore. Kindly help.
  5. I install it but in admin it does not reflect? Can you share how can i install? If upload via admin I have to upload file by file? As it does not allow to upload one whole folder. pls help. So the "solution" protect.tpl update is cleared from constant pop up?
  6. What does it mean? Anyone with any solution on how to overcome this error and get this going on prestashop website? Maybe the creator will know or any experience presta seniors?
  7. Yes I did as this is not the 1st module I upload to my presta. I go to public html, module to load into the modules folder, but in admin i do not see it.
  8. Hi I have download this module and install it via ftp but it does not appear on my admin to install. My version is 1.3.3. Can anyone help teach me anyway to modify for my web uses pleases? Viv
  9. Hi Presta, I am very worried as I tried to change invoice status and edit quantity, I was kicked out of the backend. Even changing password cannot be done. Please advise soon. Need you help urgently. Why is this happening? After I am kicked out in the email sign in column shows - product, customer, id... and I have to delete to key my email and then password on the next box. Amber
  10. Hi Trove, Thank you. I will take noted next time.
  11. Done. Thank you once again. In picture 2 - 2 the words "data sheet" how can i change it to measurements please? I check backend translation but I can't edit form there.
  12. Hi Rocky, Thank you so so much!!!! I have been waiting for weeks. Sooo happy and thankful for your kind assistance. Amber TBS
  13. Can you give me the link to where you shift it to? What is meant by good section? integration? the diff between that and this?
  14. what did i do wrong at least you tell me? I don't know what I did wrong to get my topic moved? If you delete my post at least give me a direction on how to post out my queries and not just full-stop by deleting????? It has been twice and I am anxious about the edit. Can't you share some empathy? can you direct me please?
  15. HI Rocky, Can you help me on per product page layout please? To extend the layout of each product page main and sub image to 300 x 600 like is shown on the pictures please? Amber
  16. Hi, I edited my images from backend - preference - image however, the size as shown does not show a 300 by 600 layout for pic 1. number 1Main product page pictures and 2( same product other pictures). How do I change that? Secondly, related products picture layout is not change also, still abox shape. Lastly, how to change the name of the "datasheet" to another wording like "measurement"? Thank a million for helping me out! Amber
  17. I tried following your instruction but it doesn't work. Is the code missing out on anything? or anything i need to be highlight or anywhere else need to change too to fix it?
  18. but my code is like this. i dono how to place your code in. Pardon my limited knowledge. Sorry for any inconvenience ya! Hope you can teach me.
  19. Hi Razaro, Please view the attached. How to fix the button at the same height be it with or without the " price-lowered " wordings? and the space reduction between the upper and lower pictures? Thank alot, Amber
  20. I extended the picture length cos i need it to show the wholefashion and it became like this.. as what i have attached.
  21. Hi, I have edited the length as i need it for fashion product but it all seems to overlap. How can I change this pls help.
  22. I have download this php scrip but where can i plug it in? PLease help. Thank you.
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