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  1. Hey there, if you search MISSING IMAGES BLANK category or images, there are lots of thread for this issue that is SOLVED, You may find or bread crumbs to solving. Sometimes You have to regenerate your .htaccess, or regenerate thumbnails. May have something to do With Your friendly URLS. (Sorry I see They are mostly in Inglés, hopefully you can translate) I am Having a same issue I am waiting to be Helped With but it is my THEME Images that are now showing up.
  2. Also, would like to add my PRODUCT pics are all working fine. It is my THEME images by (JMS CAKE theme) that keep showing up as question marks. I REALLY need this issue resolved ASAP and have not heard back from the developer..
  3. Hello, would you be kind enough to explain where/how I can fix that "link_rewrite" ? Thank you.
  4. Also looking for help on this matter. Regenerating htaccess and regenerating thumbnails have not worked for me. Help, 3rd day my shop is down now
  5. It prompted me to contact the developer when rating the theme, not sure if my review seconded as a message to the developer? How would I contact the developer directly? Thanks.
  6. Please forgive if this inquiry is not in the right category. Hello. Nothing seems to be loading properly, I add images and they disappear. The 'JMS Theme POSITION' option is non existent, when I click it, it takes me to a blank page. I also can not figure out for the life of me how to change the text, like the section that says "We Provide", etc... Maybe because the "position" option is not working? Not entirely sure. Doesn't seem to come with any instructions on how to fix these issues, I am really regretting making this purchase. I'm not expert but can usually figure things out. Any help would be appreciated!
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