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  1. I have a problem putting logo (200x40px) and horizontal menu (women,..). The problem is that when the menu opens, it cover the logo. Is there a way to reduce menu or just to make it shorter or to make it open lower in future versions?
  2. I have the same issue in fresh install install on 3 different servers and all have the same problem when changing language from default (english). When I start a fresh install in other language I got 500 error on 56%.
  3. Hi, I have a bug when editing text in product. The problem came out from first day when prestashop was installed ( I regurarly update prestashop (now my latest version is and the problem is still there. Text is strange...can't understand why. I attached a photo. What could cause this? I use only 1 active language (slovenian).
  4. Hello, I am searching this module and want to ask who developed and if there will be any update (because last version is from 2015); I have some suggestions for future updates. The module is this one: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/private-sales-flash-sales/20600-private-sales-pro.html demo: http://addons.prestashop.com/demo/FO12571.html I really like this module but is not complete for me; hope someone else is searching or wants to have private fast sales like this one. I really like to have a custom page where private sales are and makes this module special and unique. my suggestions are: 1. add button "Log in" under "Subscribe" (and a popup come up with log in); 2. in Private Sales tab to add "Save & stay" so one can make more modifications staying in the same page; 3. in Private Sales when creating a new sale, in the first field "sale title" to have options like "Display or not display text". 4. maybe an options for custom pictures in mobile (because pictures don't fit well with text on mobile or tablets). thanks
  5. I saw an old article from prestashop news on this link: https://www.prestashop.com/blog/en/ventes-privees-private-sales/ Example: http://www.privatesportshop.fr/ I would like to ask if someone has the same module to make in FO (in first page) posters with private sales and when you click up there it asks to login. I saw similar modules in prestashop market but are not the same
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