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  1. Goodmorning everyone, I'm trying to find an addon, which allows me to have more cart rules, bound to certain categories, but which can't be combined together. If I create a cart rule only for some categories (eg CAT A, CAT B), this rule works if there are only items in my cart related to the selected categories (ie CAT A, and CAT B). But if in my cart I add a product of another category the rule is applied equally (eg CAT C + product CAT A). How can product combinations be excluded? I have a prestashop 1.7.4 I've already tried: - this trick but not its my solution because i have some cart rules and some category to lock: http://nemops.com/prestashop-cart-rules-specific-category/#.XdZj55NKiL4 - this plugin, but its apply on all my cart not on my cart rules: https://mypresta.eu/modules/ordering-process/cart-conditions-pro.html some help? thanks
  2. Hi, its possible to export/import configuration?
  3. Hi all, i need help, i searching for free or paid module to set all product combination quantity to same value. When any customer buy 1 of any combination, i vould that the product combination decrease for all combination. i have bought Single Stock Attributes v2.0 for prestashop 1.7 (Link here) developed by Presto-Changeo, but this module not work on, i try to contact us on Forum (Last post), on Facebook, with direct mail... but nothing... i cant recived any kind of support. @Presto-Change very bad support. Thanks.
  4. Hello @tomerg3, I purchased your 2.0 module compatible with 1.7.x I have version and the module does not work properly. I set all the quantities of my combinations to 1, in the configurations of the module it turns out "all green", but when any combination is used the number of the others is not decreased. I need support. I tried to write to you directly through your site. Please help me
  5. Hi cossou, thanks to develop this integration, i add the beta prestashop addon to my zapier, but if i vould add any custom fields? I use the create product integration from a google spreadsheets, but the standard fields on Zapier are not all fields. (ex. discount price on products, supplier, image....) Any suggestion?
  6. Buongiorno, da qualche giorno ho un problema con il mio ecommerce. Ricevo degli ordini con pagamento paypal e l'ordine non viene processato correttamente. Ricevo il pagamento, l'ordine nel BO risulta esserci, ma non viene considerato "valido" fondamentalmente non è presente lo status dell'ordine e anche andandolo a modificare a mano, i prodotti acquistati non vengono correttamente visualizzati. Nel dettaglio dell'utente che acquista, compare "ordini non validi [1]" Vi allego qualche immagine per farvi comprendere meglio. Avete idea di come sorge il problema e di una possibile soluzione? Info utili: - Di recente ho installato il certificato SSL passando le pagine "sensibili" in https ma funziona tutto correttamente, il sito è perfettamente navigabile in https e risulta correttamente attivo il certificato. - Il modulo Paypal è aggiornato - Ver. Prestashop: Help me please :/
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