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  1. Yes maybe I need to explain a bit clearer sorry! I have a catalog wiht 1000s of products Each product has 3 attributes - color, size and package size I want to show on the product list page that when a product has more than one combination using the size attriibute that the text will be shown next to the price ; price starting from XXX In addition for that same product on the product list tpl , where there are more than 1 combinations for the size attriibute that the text X(x=count of the number of size combinationsfor the product, not the quanity of articles in the combination) So for example Product 1 would have the following attributes : color: grey, size =1, package size = 1 - total combinations = 1 Product 2 would have the following attributes :color: grey, yellow, black / size =1 / package size = 1 - so total 4 combinations using color attribute example 2 works fine with {if $product.main_variants && count($product.main_variants) > 1} combinations available{count($product.main_variants)}{/if} Product 3 would have the following attributes : color: grey / size =1, size =2 / package size = 1 - total 2 combinations using size attribute I dont know how to make example 3 work because the product.main_variants only uses the attribute of color Maybe that explains better? Maybe there is a module to do this sort of thing thank you in advance
  2. Hello I hope I am explaining this right I am trying to display the number of combinations for a product on the catalog page. For example i have a product that uses several attributes color/size/custom For every product I want to count the number of options available for each product but only using a count of one of the attributes - in this case the custom attribute I have I have tried the code in /templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/_partials/product-miniature-2.tpl {if $product.main_variants && count($product.main_variants) > 1} combinations available{count($product.main_variants)}{/if} but it seems as per the link here that it will only returns the color https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/21306 so it wont work for me - it works as I would like but instead of the color I want my custom attribute count. So basically if i have more than one custom attribute assigned to my product then I can display in the productcatalog list price from followed by a number of options available to the product If you can point me in the correct direction that would be cool theme warehouse/ presta 1.7.8 thank you in advance
  3. for 1.7.8 I know this is late but maybe she helps others who are using variants place this code {block name='product_quantities'} {if $product.show_quantities} <div class="product-quantities"> <label class="label">{l s='In stock' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}</label> <span data-stock="{$product.quantity}" data-allow-oosp="{$product.allow_oosp}">{$product.quantity} {$product.quantity_label}</span> </div> {/if} {/block} Into /themes/THEMENAME/templates/catalog/_partials/product-variants.tpl above the last div seems to work well for me but I use variants for everything
  4. Closed for the moment but thank you for all your messages
  5. Hello Prestashop Developers, I'm looking for a developer to hire to help me install prestashop 1.7.6 or 1.7.7 - you choose but the most stable ,and migrate my existing products and all data to the new release. The existing database has some issues but it still works and is in use. Seems when I 1 clicked upgrade all heck broke loose. So you cant install modules to do the migration automitcally for example. _ i already bought 2 here and they work great but not with this site because of the backend errors - and there was an issue with rollback so that wont work sadly. Also I would like to migrate to 1.7.6 or 1.7.7 instead of 1.7.8 because the latest is so buggy that I cant deal with it - even a clean install the default modules dont work lala blockreassurance and ps-accounts to name a few. The problem is my host only offers 1.7.8 with cpanel and installing manually i havent had luck. So bascially it would be best if you had a staging server where you could do the migration and then clone it over. It would have to be done pretty quick because I cant keep my shop closed for a week - already this weekend it was down while trying to upgrade to 1.7.8 which has now been rolled back to I hope this may interest some people and if you could send me some approx quotes either per hour or by project. There are 1300 products, 7000 customers for a rough idea of scope Future work would be to install a theme. Thanks and have a great day!
  6. Thank you so much. Changing to order by colum enabled it to work. Thank you again
  7. Hello I hope this is in the correct forum. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to reorder categories. I am running a clean version of but it seems that the ability to drag a catgory into position is missing and I do not find a way to edit the position number. I tried to see if someone else on the forums has the same issue for but maybe I am blind as I couldnt find someone. My screenshot is this, when I modify the category I dont have any option to change it either. Thank you in advance
  8. J'ai également ce problème où seule la boîte montre comme iza31000 . J'ai essayé avec 2.04 après la désinstallation et la réinstallation J'utilise One Page Checkout PrestaShop v2.6.8 - par PresTeamShop Des idées?
  9. Ceci, j'ai eaxact mêmes problèmes prestashop 1.6 J'ai essayé la version alpha 2.04 mais j'ai toujours exactement le même problème. J'ai désinstallé, effacé le cache réinstallé en 2.04 et j'ai toujours de gros problèmes. Le problème, c'est que cela rend mes clients nerveux et qu'ils paient de nouveau le deuxième paiement est également facturé, mais je dois alors rembourser et je suis facturé par bande pour les deux transactions. s'il vous plaît, réparez Demain, je reviens en arrière
  10. Hi I am not sure if this is the right forum, but I looking for a plugin or a way to basically have a product with multiple attributes and different pricing dependant upon the combination, on the same line in a table format. Ive seen some plugins like this but they all seem to have an add to cart button next to the combination and hook into the description area. I want something like the image screen where its in the I what I think is the product block. I can do basic file editing, but Id really prefer either a theme or module that has it already built or very easy to modify. Does anyone have ideas? I am on P1.6 (I cant move right now to 1.7, to much of a headache.) Thank you inadvance for any ideas
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