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  1. Friends....FYI... According to Google Checkout Terms & Conditions, we should not use Google checkout button in payment options page. The Google checkout button should appear below the cart button in Order summary page - mainly before getting billing and shipping address or any information from customer. Please check the Google Checkout Terms & Conditions. Else i heard Google may freeze your account once you go live and do actual transactions. - Hope this info helps. I am working on customizing in Order Summary page. Almost completed and achived the objective. But its not in a standard way of coding as i have written code here and there to achive my needs(may be diffult to maintain such code customizations in long run - so may not share it as it affects if you want to upgrade prestashop to later versions - but can share the idea if required and someone can standardize as per best coding practice).
  2. Not working in IE7. Did anyone happen to make it work in IE? If so, Please share the fix.
  3. Its great module to have... if it works in IE7.
  4. Also when i actually search instead of selecting items from the suggested auto search list box, I get "Not Found" error page. Not Found The requested document was not found on this server.
  5. Its not working in IE 7. But working in Firefox 2
  6. In IE7 - Display and alignment of all blocks is good. But in Firefox - it looks bad as blocks are not aligned properly.
  7. CHMOD 777 to the module folder before Installing the module using Prestashop admin backend.
  8. At step 1 c - After I click transplant and choose "Horizontal Navigation Bar" as the module, I am not able to see "Navigation Bar" from dropdown of 'Hook Into'. Did i miss anything? Oh, very simple CMOD "“categoriesbar”" to 777 will OK Tested by giving full permission to the folder (777). It works great. The navigation bar looks cool. Thanks.
  9. I tested using SANDBOX... It works smoothly. Thanks for the module. My only concern is User has to enter billing and shipping address two times. One time in our shopping site and one time in Google checkout page. This makes me wonder if the user gives different addresses in site and in google checkout, how to proceed with order. It would be easy if we have customers to enter shipping and billing address only once. Either at site or at Google checkout. May be we can have this as a wishlist for future release versions of the module. Again.. Thanks for the hard work and delivery of this module.
  10. I used sandbox account to test the module. I got the following error message from google - " − The currency used in the cart must match the currency of the seller account. You supplied a cart with GBP and the seller account is associated with USD. " But i use USD as default currency both in prestashop and also in my Google Checkout account. Not sure why the XML generated is having GBP as currency. Need some help.
  11. Hi... I have few basic questions. a) Do i need SSL enabled at my website in order to test this module? a) I know for using Sandbox we don't need SSL. Will I be able to test google checkout module using my SANDBOX google checkout account (http://sandbox.google.com/checkout/sell/). If so how to proceed. Thanks & Regards Companyxyz
  12. I have just downloaded. Will be testing the module soon. Thanks for your hard work... I am really impressed with the kind of dedicated effort prestashop team is showcasing. Good work. Keep it up.
  13. At step 1 c - After I click transplant and choose "Horizontal Navigation Bar" as the module, I am not able to see "Navigation Bar" from dropdown of 'Hook Into'. Did i miss anything?
  14. I would lvote for Prestashop integrated to Google checkout via XML API rather than basic HTML integration as it gives more flexibility. As a first level we can integrate the shopping cart alone with google checkout (using XML API). In future we can extend the integration to have Order processing system integrated with google checkout. As per Google's document it says, this level of integration is possible only if we integrate using XML Api.
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