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  1. Hi there. I'm working with PrestaShop (I know, it's not up-to-date, but I have a problem with update, long story). It has 2 warehouses - the owner has hers warehouse (A) and another (Z) is used to know how many products are in the supplier's warehouse (had no better idea how to do it, it is an important information though as some products will be send from his warehouse (reducing costs)). All products are in warehouse A and some products are in warehouse Z. And the orders are splitting, doubling shipping costs, making e-payment work not properly, making all of the people frustrated - clients and the owner. I wish I can stop it - allow her to choose from which warehouse the product will be send in ONE order. Can you help me a little bit with that? Thank you in advance. Pj PS. I have an idea. As the warehouse C is de facto a supplier, maybe it's a clue to implement method that allows to enter information about quantities in the supplier's warehouse which will not disrupt the warehouses idea in PrestaShop? Of course it will probably be used with automation - a module that will periodically update those values.
  2. Hi there. A friend of mine has started using PrestaShop ( She asked someone to help before she asked me, so now I am the IT Guy of that shop. I have to update all products she has in the database (~1100). I have tried it, but I don't know how to set an option for all the products. When you go to Catalogue -> a product -> Quantities, there's an option of using advanced managging system... (it may sound a little bit different, but I have no power to look for the English texts, we're using Polish version). Once you check the option, you can set to use the warehouse quantities for the product. Now I want to: - for all the products that don't use the advanced managging system - set them to use it, - for all the products that DO use the system - take quantities from the warehouse. If you could help me somehow, I'd be really pleased. Attached a screenshot of how it should look like for me (in Polish, as I mentioned before). Pj
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