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  1. I use Traffic Travis for SEO, it's telling me a few common problems exist on every page which I'm not sure how to fix: Your page contains over 100 links Your page contains no follow internal links Images were found to have identical alt tags Any help would be greatly appreciated. Are these problems going to cause any problems with my SEO rankings. Regards Brent Roberts https://www.tuffcountry.com.au b.roberts@tuffcountry.com.au
  2. The code looks a little different than your code: <h1 class="page-heading{if (isset($subcategories) && !$products) || (isset($subcategories) && $products) || !isset($subcategories) && $products} product-listing{/if}"><span class="cat-name">{$category->name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}{if isset($categoryNameComplement)} {$categoryNameComplement|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}{/if}</span>{include file="$tpl_dir./category-count.tpl"}</h1> Where should I move the end H1 to? Cheers Brent Roberts www.tuffcountry.com.au
  3. I am using Traffic Travis foe seo and have discovered some issues with H1 tags on my category pages. It tells me I have too many H1 tags. I haven't added any H1 tags as I was of the belief it uses the page title as the H1, so why do I have more than one H1 tag It tells me my H1 tag is too long. My page title which becomes my H1 tag is "4wd Recovery" it seems to be picking up the text on the right side of the page that says "there are no products in this category. How do I stop thi Page in question is https://www.tuffcountry.com.au/17-4wd-recovery Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Brent Roberts www.tuffcountry.com.au
  4. I have paid for and installed this module. How do I now access it to edit image captions, where do I go?
  5. I placed the verification code in the header.tpl file but google tells me: We weren't able to verify your property: https://www.tuffcountry.com.au/
  6. I am trying to find where to go to place the google verification code in the head, can someone please point me in the correct direction. Regards Brent www.tuffcountry.com.au
  7. Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated as currently none of my customers can complete a checkout.
  8. Ok, I've worked out most of the code but there are 2 that still have me stumped: I've changed the top menu colour backround to dark grey and the text to orange, but can't work out where to change the hover background, it is currently orange but I would like to change it to a lighter shade of grey. I have changed the footer background to orange but the text is now conflicking with the orange, how do I change the text colour and the shadow that is on that text Cheers Brent www.tuffcountry.com.au
  9. thanks. I guess I'll just keep at it and try to work it out myself, thanks for your help anyway.
  10. Not sure why this happening, after adding an item to cart and going to checkout, I get to the shipping section and get a message saying no carrier available. Any Ideas?? Cheers Brent www.tuffcountry.com.au
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