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  1. Hi, The customization fields have a save button, is it possible to move those fields into the "Add to cart" box so that pressing "add to cart" saves the customizations and adds to the cart? Thanks, /julle
  2. Just to summarize, I had the problem that logging into the admin page returned me to the login page login.php?redirect=index.php it didn't matter if I restored the DB from backup or anything it just looped around without an error message. I had this problem with firefox and chrome, but when I tried seamonkey then it worked. solution is to try other browsers, could be a problem with the number of cookies in that this turned up first after 6 months. /Julle
  3. Seems that uploading the CSV file with "delete products" doesn't always work right, I went in and deleted them from the "category" tab and then uploaded my CSV file and it was right. Should open a bug report
  4. Ok Thanks! I solved it in the end by writing a script to update the database tables: INSERT INTO `ps_customization_field_lang` VALUES (1,3,''),(1,2,''),(1,1,'Upper text'), (2,3,''),(2,2,''),(2,1,'Middle text'), (3,3,''),(3,2,''),(3,1,'Lower text'); where: (6,1,'lower text'), #6 = id customized field, 1=language (english), "text for field" INSERT INTO `ps_customization_field` VALUES (1,1,1,0), (2,1,1,0), (3,1,1,0); where: (6,9,1,0), #6 = id customization field, 9= product id , 1 type, 0 required UPDATE ps_product SET customizable='1';UPDATE ps_product SET text_fields='3';
  5. Hi, After I have uploaded products from the CSV file it now lists each product twice on the page. I looked in the database and each product is only there once so I think it might be something to do with showing two languages or something? Comparing my stage server with the production server there no differences in the PHP files by size (prod doesn't have the same problem) Any help appreciated. /Julle keywords: double products, products shown twice
  6. Hi, I want to add a product text field to each product without having to edit the "5. customize" tab for every product. can I add my text fields to the csv attributes and import them for every product? thanks, /Julle.
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