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  1. Great, I really hope to see it in the next 1.5 version.
  2. Hi I got this error on images page in BO: "PrestaShop has detected that your server configuration is not compatible with the new storage system (directive "safe_mode" is activated). You should continue to use the actual system." Should i turn this feature off to use new image system? what about security?
  3. Hi Mehrshad Can I Update from original PS version to your RTL version OR from your version to original version? I sent U a pm.
  4. با سلام دوستان لطفا به تاپیک زیر رفته و نظر بدید تا پشتیبانی از زبان های راست به چپ در ورژن 1.5 به طور کامل قرار داده بشه. http://www.prestasho...ont-forget-rtl/ محض اطلاع دوستان چون فارسی یه زبان راست به چپ هست برخلاف زبان های رایج دنیا مثل انگلیسی و... برای همین تو پرستاشاپ مشکل داره
  5. Yes, but it's very buggy and simple. (Look at the link on first post)
  6. Hi Please do full support of RTL languages in PS 1.5. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFI-2801
  7. It's also my question! Why there is no fluid-with theme for prestashop? Does Prestashop support it?
  8. The order ID field should not have zeros 000173 --> 173 If i put left zeros it say hack attempt. can u fix this for working in to mode (with or without zeros). Tnx
  9. thanks for helping, but it does not work for me, also i tried many other way i could but ... I think it's harder than these Hope a day we could see a fluid-width theme for prestashop
  10. I have the same problem too! edit: i fixed it i copy this code instead of what that is on top of my post but all in a row (better to copy from the original source in first post) getImageLink($product.link_rewrite, $product.id_image, 'home')}" height="{$homeSize.height}" width="{$homeSize.width}" alt="{$product.legend|escape:htmlall:'UTF-8'}" />
  11. Is there any other bankwire module that is at least a bit different (better) with default installed?
  12. When i activate this module on my site the w3 validator say this: sorry! this document couldn't be checked or something like this!!!
  13. the second bug that is not a bug and is a bad feature nearly the black triangle on top of thumbnails should stay on the third thumbnail when it's 6 or more thumb it's now stay on the left most one thumb
  14. a bug when loading this module the page become too much long and then come to normal (it's loading the pics) another bug when pictures are more than 5 the black triangle should be on the middle picture a request option to have more views (for ex. thumbnail pictures on right or left side instead of down)
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