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  1. Hi This does need fixing. 0 Products makes it appear that there are no products at all. In your Theme folder Open category.tpl and delete (comment) Line 13 {$nb_products|intval} {if $nb_products>1}{l s='products'}{else}{l s='product'}{/if} Or replace with this {if $nb_products>0} {$nb_products|intval} {if $nb_products>1}{l s='products'}{else}{l s='product'}{/if} {/if} This will only display the number of products if it contains products. Or even This {if $nb_products>0} {$nb_products|intval} {if $nb_products>1}{l s='products'}{else}{l s='product'}{/if} {else} - click a subcategory {/if} Regards Ken.
  2. Thanks Paul It’s working perfectly Excellent work Regards Ken
  3. My Bad!!! I had my links inside the curly brackets. They need to be outside :-) This works '} {' Regards Ken.
  4. Hi I have successfully added new pages and images to new tpl files but I’ve hardcoded the image links. :red: I now wish to change the image links to smarty variables but I can’t get the correct syntax I tried which gives and which gives Fatal error: Smarty error: [in /home/www/my_site.co.uk/themes/my_theme/restore.tpl line 6]: syntax error: invalid attribute name: '>' (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 1547) in /home/www/my_site.co.uk/tools/smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 1097 and which gives What is the correct syntax to use smarty variables in tpl files? Regards Ken.
  5. Hi Paul That was quick ($Product['active']) has cured the undocumented feature :-) Version 0.3 no longer includes inactive products. Thanks Ken.
  6. Hi Paul I notice that this code is adding inactive items to the feed. Can this be corrected? Thanks Ken.
  7. Hi Stampy I have reported this as a bug and so it will, hopefully, be fixed in V1.1 In the meantime you could just leave things as they are as it will not prevent your site from being spidered. or block Google from looking at them by adding them to the robots.txt Add a disallow for each file to be blocked Eg. Disallow: /prices-drop.php Disallow: /contact-form.php Disallow: /about-us.php Disallow: /supplier.php Regards Ken
  8. Hi Andrew Thanks for that one. Search.php is a little different from the rest as it really serves no useful purpose in Google. Probably The best thing to do with this one is to block Google from accessing it. Add Disallow: /search.php To robots.txt and Google will not spider it. Regards. Ken.
  9. Hi Stampy My idea for starting this thread was to try to find all the duplicates before posting as a bug (or feature request) report. It appears (so far) to be just these mentions.php new-products.php best-sales.php conditions.php secure-payment.php‎ sitemap.php‎ manufacturer.php‎ Plus any new pages created sitemap.php especially needs fixing. Please post them here if you find any more. The ‘fix’ should be simple, we just need to add the filename to the tag. Regards Ken.
  10. Hi Stampy I still do not see the mod_rewrite module loaded into apache server (or FollowSymLinks) Send your htaccess file to your host and ask them why it is not working PS. The header mod to display the contact details works great, however the 'br' in the text is causing validation errors. should be escaped with Regards Ken.
  11. Hi Stampy. I am no expert but I don’t see that mod_rewrite is enabled There is a test you can run here http://www.wallpaperama.com/forums/how-to-test-check-if-mod-rewrite-is-enabled-t40.html You may also need to add "RewriteBase” under "RewriteEngine On" in htaccess. If this does not work then I suggest you contact your host. Thank You for the Info. Regards Ken.
  12. Hi Stampy You need to run the phpinfo file. It will then give you your PHP info Put this into your browser http://www.sentientsolar.co.uk/php_info.php (if that is the correct path to the file) then search for mod_rewrite under loaded modules. This will tell you if mod rewrite is enabled on your server Your site is looking very nice May I ask how you added your contact details to the header? Regards Ken
  13. Hi. What about var $compile_check = true; should this not be set to false? (in Smarty.class.php) Tax.php is accessed a lot, even when taxes are turned off. I think there is more that could be done to speed this up. amwdesign. You have made a big speed increase at dollshousekingdom.co.uk What did you do? Regards Ken.
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