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  1. Hi DH42, Thank you for the Module!!! Really helps. The problem is that as far as i see the FB Pixel appears to be active only on Order Confirmation Page, not other events added? Thanks.
  2. Hi Xavier, I just wanted to let you know as a simple user that indeed the 2 big milestones of Prestashop are: 1. CMS pages (creating, insertion of content, styling and so on) 2. Checkout process (please look at Magento 2, Woocommerce or Shopify, you can take the good things from there and make the best checkout process on Presta), OPC has to be a default feature, not a module thing. p.s. OPC i mean a real One page checkout, not the one that is now in ps1.6
  3. Hi "hatak" Can you please help me with this problem? I was adviced to move the ID numbers of the Category pages and Product Pages to the end. So instead of: Category root: {id}-{rewrite} i have: {rewrite}-{id} And for product pages instead of: {category:/}{id}-{rewrite}{-:ean13}.html i have: {category:/}{rewrite}{-:ean13}-{id}.html I need a line of code (becasue i see that you know how to wirte htaccess codes) in order to 301 from all links to new ONE's that have ID in the end. I hope that there is an one line code solution, it don't want to do it manually for all pages Thank you!
  4. Hi guys, i found on forge.prestashop.com a couple of issues reported already on the same problem. 1. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-6601 - This one is closed by Xavier Borderie after saying that we have to dissable the Merchant Expertise module. The problem is that the problem still persists, someone released a FIX for this BUG on github, but i (personally) don't know how to apply that patch. Also from the dicussion i understood that the fix will be provided with the next release - but NO RELEASE DATE! 2. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-6686 - This one is still open, and someone seems to solve the bug, but again for NON developers it's hard to understand what to do. so i understand that we just have to wait for the next release and HOPE that it will be soon...
  5. Hi stefanoste, please let us know if you posted this BUG on Forge, as recommended, give us a link here please in case you did it. Thanks.
  6. Hello guys! The same PROBLEM, stefanoste described it in detail!!! (Very good description of the issue). Hope that someone from Prestashop developers will notice this BUG.
  7. Hi, I switched from Magento to Prestashop for a particular project. What i can say is that the Image Resizing Feature in Presta is VERY BAD (not to say in other words...). Presta has a lot of advantages, but the big problem with the Image Resizing and Compression is knocking me off... How to disable this Image Resizing feature at all???
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