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  1. It turned out our problem was a review module with a tab on top of every page. We disabled that and CLS score is back to practically 0. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to test your pages: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights
  2. I totally agree. Something strange happened to our shop. All of a sudden (it happened in one day, end of October) our CLS score for desktop on all pages increased to 0,12 and we have no idea how to fix this! Please advise!
  3. Deze regel in een module (tpl file) geeft de betalingsmethode weer: <span id='payment_method_name_{$additional_id|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}'>{$additional['description']|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</span> Dat ziet er dan zo uit: ING Home&#039;Pay Hoe kan ik &#039; omzetten naar een apostropf?
  4. Hi, We have been using this module (version 1.6.7) for some time now and it is really good. Google picks it up quite easily. But lately we get errors in Google Search Console: Review excerpts > Item does not support reviews Does someone know how to fix this? According to Google this section is the problem! But if we do a test with Google Tool for structured data we get no error.
  5. With our limited knowledge we were able to exclude certain dates in a date delivery module based on weekday and time. See code below. But now we want to exclude all Wednesdays and Saturdays in the next year if you select carrier 99. Can someone please help us how to write that code? Current code: var selected_carrier = parseInt($('.delivery_option_radio:checked').val()); var weekdag = new Date().getDay(); var uur = new Date().getHours(); var vandaag = new Date(); var morgen = new Date(); morgen.setDate(vandaag.getDate()+1); var exclmaand = morgen.getMonth()+1; var excldag = morgen.getDate(); var excldatum = exclmaand + "-" + excldag; // carrier is postnl if (selected_carrier == 99) { // weekdag 0 is zondag t/m 6 is zaterdag if (weekdag > -1 && weekdag < 5) { // na 23 uur if (uur >= 23) { disabledDays.push(excldatum); } } } if (selected_carrier == 99) { // weekdag 5 is vrijdag if (weekdag == 5) { // na 10 uur if (uur >= 10) { disabledDays.push(excldatum); } } }
  6. Dacht ik eerst ook aan. maar het probleem zat bij Facebook. Inmiddels op de sites weer terug! Thanks!
  7. Het viel ons vandaag op dat het "Facebook Vind ik leuk Blok" geen inhoud meer weergeeft. Alleen de tekst "Volg ons op Facebook". Wij hebben niets veranderd in de shop! Iemand enig idee wat er aan de hand kan zijn?
  8. I did look at the categories. But there isn't any. And since I made the changes to gsitemap.php in the gsitemap module folder the sitemap does not show any home category anymore. For me this is solved.
  9. I didn't create any home category. Anyway, I managed to get rid of this id 2 home page by changing gsitemap.php in the gsitemap module folder. Somewhere around line 440: foreach ($categories_id as $category_id) { //remove 2-Home category link from sitemap, because the link gives 404 error if((int)$category_id['id_category'] == 2) // id = 2 is Home category { continue; } $category = new Category((int)$category_id['id_category'], (int)$lang['id_lang']); $url = $link->getCategoryLink($category, urlencode($category->link_rewrite), (int)$lang['id_lang']);
  10. No I did not. Some how generating the sitemap gives you a double home category. Any clues where to look?
  11. Hi, I have the same problem! It doesn't matter whether I select or deselect the index in the google sitemap module, I keep getting a /2-home url in my sitemap. Also I noticed I have double entries for some url friendly links. One exists and the other doesn't: <url><loc>https://www.mywebsite.nl/12-friendly url</loc><priority>0.8</priority><lastmod>2015-07-04T13:19:36+02:00</lastmod><changefreq>daily</changefreq></url> <url><loc>https://www.mywebsite.nl/28-friendly url</loc><priority>0.8</priority><lastmod>2015-10-31T11:44:06+01:00</lastmod><changefreq>daily</changefreq></url> The /2-home url results in a 404 page. The /12-friendly url gives an empty page with no products. Did somebody already found a solutions? I get index errors from Google Search Console. BR Frank
  12. Hi, This weekend I got a message from Google Search Console that there were some indexing problems. When I checked the urls it turned out to be non existing urls. In the sitemap link for example I see 2 url links for 1 category. One exists and the other doesn't: <url><loc>https://www.mywebsite.nl/12-friendly url</loc><priority>0.8</priority><lastmod>2015-07-04T13:19:36+02:00</lastmod><changefreq>daily</changefreq></url> <url><loc>https://www.mywebsite.nl/28-friendly url</loc><priority>0.8</priority><lastmod>2015-10-31T11:44:06+01:00</lastmod><changefreq>daily</changefreq></url> Also there is a non existing index link! <url><loc>https://www.mywebsite.nl/2-home</loc><priority>0.8</priority><lastmod>2015-06-27T12:33:05+02:00</lastmod><changefreq>daily</changefreq></url> I cleared the cache and regenerated the sitemap. But the problem remains. We work with PrestaShop v1.6 and Google sitemap v.3.2.1. Any clue why these old (or non existing) urls appear in the generated sitemap and how to remove them? Kind regards, Frank
  13. Hallo, Dit weekend kreeg ik van Google Search Console bericht dat er wat index problemen waren. Toen ik de urls checkte, bleek het gaan om urls die niet bestaan. In de sitemap zie ik b.v. voor 1 categorie 2 vermeldingen, de 1e bestaat niet en de 2e bestaat wel: <url><loc>https://www.mijnsite.nl/12-friendly url</loc><priority>0.8</priority><lastmod>2015-07-04T13:19:36+02:00</lastmod><changefreq>daily</changefreq></url> <url><loc>https://www.mijnsite.nl/28-friendly url</loc><priority>0.8</priority><lastmod>2015-10-31T11:44:06+01:00</lastmod><changefreq>daily</changefreq></url> Daarnaast een niet bestaande index! <url><loc>https://www.mijnsite.nl/2-home</loc><priority>0.8</priority><lastmod>2015-06-27T12:33:05+02:00</lastmod><changefreq>daily</changefreq></url> Cache heb ik leeggemaakt, sitemap wordt dagelijks gegenereerd. We werken met PrestaShop v1.6 en Google sitemap v.3.2.1 Iemand enig idee waarom deze oude (of niet bestaande) urls in de sitemap staan en hoe ik die eruit haal? Met vr.gr., Frank
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