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  1. I discovered today that if I search my domain by the "manufacturer" keyword, google get a list of all my manufacturer by indexing the "List product by manufacturer" pages. I managed to disable the pages by disabling the manufacturer from the backoffice, but the question remains: How can I prevent the search engines to index those pages? How can I prevent prestashop to create those pages in the first place? Thank you for your help. M.
  2. I need to redirect users directly into 'something' in which they search for products in my shop: let's say I got the links to the biggest categories, and then, if it's not there, they can search for products. Is it possible to have something like shop.com/search and land into a page with only the search box? Thank you in advance for your help. M.
  3. I discovered an issue recovering users' passwords: a db error appears. (see screenshot attached). I correctly receive the email, but when I click con the link this error pops up. Any idea why? I use Prestashop Thanks, M.
  4. I bought a module which appears to do the trick: customfields (1.3.6 for me).
  5. Hi Vekia, thank you so much for your reply. But I think that value reflects the number of products shown in front office, I need to change the ppp in the backoffice. I tried to look into the code, I found multiple entries in which they define the amount of product per page, but none of them referred to the catalog. Any idea? Thanks again for your time, M.
  6. I got the same need here: still no solution? Not even paying for it?
  7. Some progress has been made: from 'positions' tab you can unhook most of the dashboard elements from template files I removed unused google fonts (there are plenty of them) from modules, i removed or deleted all unused modules. Now the only pages which still give me troubles are: products: i need to change product per page number in backoffice but still I couldn't manage to find that line positions: if I leave the modules on, positions won't load. I have to phisically move them in a tmp folder via ftp and load the page. Than put everything back in place to see the page. M.
  8. I updated my shop from 1.5.6 to 1.6.1 and everything goes almost fine, but I got some problems at the backoffice: I got warning on the memory limit (but 1.5.6 was fine) and my host is not so happy to increase the memory_limit, so I'm trying to release some pressure on the back office. I deleted all unused modules and the warning on that page is gone. The other main issue is on the product page, which randomly goes back to 50 elements per page crashing the page. I had to use an handmade trick recalling a category filter which enable me to load a small page and reset the ppp (product per page) factor (as explained here :https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/465860-back-office-product-list/?p=2131991). Now, any other ideas to speed up the things a little bit? How about: remove some addons on the dashboard (some of them I cannot understand the module they're from) suppress the advice on EVERY page suppress the top bar with the stats Any idea how to to that? I'll post any news on this topic, for the new generations . Help really appreciated, M.
  9. Ok, I managed that. For future references, I found a category which was larger than 20 but small enough to be loaded (29 in my case). Then I checked 20/page and from the next refresh everything was loaded correctly.
  10. I recently upgraded my eshop and I got problem entering the product back office page (memory_limit issue on php.ini). I already asked my host to change the memory_limit, but since the devlopment is time sensitive, I'd like to know whether there is a method to tell prestashop (changing the code) to load less product and so remaining under the threshold for php.ini. So, how do I tell prestashop to load, when I enter product page, only 20 product per page? Thank you in advance for your time. M.
  11. Faithful to my recent attitude of solving my own problem and keeping a journal like the castaway movie in which I use this forum like a modern 'Wilson', I just realized that if I disabled one module (dashboard) on installing the template, everything seems fine. Is it because of the module or because the place of that module in the database? Any clues? M.
  12. I'm posting this question since this is only happening in the upgraded site, not in the original site. I did everything according to the suggestion here in the forum: I made an exact replica of the original ecommerce (not without some troubles) and I started the update. I fixed some issues: defines.inc.php corrupted and replaced with the original one from the 'clean' distribution removed the modules that caused problems loading resolved the id_product_2 issue, according to the solution provided by the forum fixed original template porting issues (deleting the rows from the php files) And i got a working wordpress at I even placed an order. But. When I try to switch to any template (the main reason I tried to update my site) I got the error in attachment, stating I'm trying to insert a duplicate into the database. What am I doing wrong? It appears the single theme isn't the problem (I got the same issue changing to the default bootstrap theme). I tried removing all non-prestashop modules, since it seems to be connected to the installation of new modules. I read is difficult to revert the site to a 'clean state', but is there a possibility to understand which hook causes the trouble and to skip it? Thanks in advance for your time, M.
  13. Same for me: Arun Geek geek answer, although I still have to check what exactly did, because I'm on my test server, worked for me.
  14. Solution found: I'm an ass, and filezilla didn't help me. Uploading the code into the new server made the admin folder full of empty files. So no errors, since no code were executed. So joint fault by me (not checking) and filezilla (not working). Anyway, not so much life in this forum, ah? M.
  15. I searched the forum multiple times, but no results. I enabled the error search but nothing pops up: no text, anything. I can get to the admin folder (i can load a simple text file in the address) but no luck loading anything. The front office is fine (it shows the maintenance mode page correctly customized with our logo), but since I cannot connect to the back office, I can't change anything. Any idea? I'm really stuck right now, I could use some help. In attachment, the output of the chrome console request. Thank you again for your time. M.
  16. I managed to get the website going: htaccess file was necessary, I had to change the reference to the old site to the new one (simply ctrl+f is enough). I also had to put the site in the root directory, same as the original site (something has to be set in the files imho). But I still can't connect to the admin page, which remains blank. Even enabling the error in the corresponding php file doesn't provide any information. Any help?
  17. Hi everyone, I wanted to create a test website, and I almost succeded following this guide. So I backed up the db and the files, and moved them according to the guide on a new server. However, although the database looks connected (altering the settings in setting.inc.php result into a db error), connecting to the store (www.daldoss.eu/tempshop) result into a routing error: too many redirects. I positively followed the guide, inserting the urls into the db (ps_shop_url), and I can verify it's ok since I can access the files on the server (http://www.daldoss.eu/tempshop/robots.txt is there). What am I missing? I uploaded prestashop 1.5.6 (I need this version for compatibility issues) on linux aruba server in Italy. Thanks everyone in advance for your time and help, M.
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