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  1. I would like my shop to display the total price of a product plus shipping in the catalog and product view. Basically just roll the cost of shipping into the price of the product and display that to the customer. For example a product costs $100 and standard shipping is $5. When the customer views the product they would only see that the product price is $105. I can see how this could get tricky with multiple carriers (overnight shipping costing extra) but I'm just curious if anyone has experience with this. Thanks!
  2. This ended up being because the site was using Sucuri firewall with cache. https://kb.sucuri.net/cloudproxy/Performance/clearing-cache
  3. Is there a plugin that exists that allows you to pull in reviews from other sites like amazon? I don't want to synchronize stores or anything but basically just a way to say 'hey - look at the reviews this product gets on these other sites' Is something like this possible?
  4. I'm using this module: ( Included with warehouse I think? ) Pop-up window module with newsletter subscription v1.0.0 - by IQIT-COMMERCE.COM I made some changes to the popup content and saved but when I view the page again ( after clearing browser cache ) it's still showing the old popup content. I've also tried clearing cache in prestashop in the performance menu. Is there something I'm missing?
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