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  1. I've had the same error. Problem was the with BASE URI filled in SEO and URL settings. As long as I've filled the correct value according to my webhositing, everything works like the charm again Try this please. Problem was with define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); when set on false - everything works....
  2. Maybe it's better to to try step by step upgrade - from 1.3 to 1.4 then to 1.5 than to 1.6....
  3. K prestashopu a jeho sablonam som zatial len privonal - ale za 200 eur / 5000 kc sa ledva da zvladnut jeho instalacia a zakladne nastavenie a prisposobenie pre zakaznika a SK / CZ pomery... nieto custom sablona od nuly.
  4. Bloody hell, why there is checkmark for sending PDF invoice or all statuses - even custom ones - when there is no way to attach invoice to other status than payment and bankwire awaiting payment without PHP hack? I'm not good at PHP - but if you change the line above to if (((int)$result['id_order_state'] === 2 || (int)$result['id_order_state'] === 16) && (int)Configuration::get('PS_INVOICE') && $order->invoice_number) You can enable sending PDF invoice for multiple statuses (in this case - 2 and 16 - where 16 is my manually created status) It wors in ...But I hope that one day develeopers will fix it.... But may you can simply throw away condition about order state - and it will be up to you and checkboxes
  5. V starsej verzii to bolo v nastaveniach > produkty v casti: product page Display remaining quantities when the quantity is lower than Ale neviem ci toto spravi presne to co ma... mne sa to aspon nepodarilo nastavit a zobrazuje zostavajuci pocet stale. Jednoduchsie je asi zakomentovat tuto polozku na sablone aby sa nezobrazovala.
  6. I've created a new order status used in our company and I need to send an email to the customers when order comes to this status. Problem is that no {variable} works in my new mail template. I would like to include details about order in this email and only thing that works is {order_name} and total maybe customer name and total. Which file should i edit when i need to add more variables to my new email template? How can I add for example complete list of ordered products when order is changed (same mail which is sent after order is made) thank you for your help!
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