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  1. Perhaps this describes it better: I'd like to keep the registration form. But the action after clicking on the "submit" button should be changed from "create account + send us an email" to "send us an email" So basically the registration form should be a regular contact form.
  2. Thank you! Hmm, but I guess we already have that kind of module: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/price-management/4349-price-hide-pro.html But the problem is still that we need some time to check the customer. Until then, for 2-3 days, he is inbetween a registred and not-regristred customer. What we actually need is probably a new page with a new form that works seperately from the actual registration form...
  3. Hello, the title might sound a little complex, but here is what we would like to have: Is there a way to disable the creation of a new account while still using the registration form? So it should basically just send us an email with the data a customer just filled in. We are a B2B shop and need to check the data manually. When everything is fine with his application, we would import the new customer. So right now a customer can register but after that we have to set him to "approved". But since then he can actually do nothing. It's some sort of...Hermaphrodite bethween guest and customer. And this state is quite frustrating...
  4. So the hosting support told me, there were some "zombie tasks" / task that could not finish properly. They rebooted the server to close them. But they could not give me some kind of name or detail about the task. So...how do I find out what is actually causing this? Also there are some modules in the addon store to optimize the speed. Do they worth their money?
  5. Hmm, I'll ask them again. Or could it be because of some crons? But I already distributed them all across the day. And it doesn't feel like it's slower especially because one of them is running. Right now the shop is running quite okay, but I attached you some screenshot.
  6. I'm using And a screenshot...hm, I don't know if it's helpful^^ I mean there is not much to see than two different numbers. When I put 12 pieces of a product to the cart, it shows 12 When I reload the page or go to a different one, the cart shows 1 - which would be correct/what I'd like to have.
  7. Hello, since a few weeks ago, our shop seems to be extremely slow. It's not opened for business yet, but it should be in max. 2 weeks. I activated this analytics-stuff in the defines.inc.php. Perhaps someone can take a look? http://1a-trendshop.eu/de/weihnachtliche-motiv-teelichtglaser/6541-glas-windlichtluxury.html I'm not so sure how to process the results... But the thing is, sometimes the shop has it's regular speed... It's a managed server.
  8. I'm actually working with this right now, but also have to refresh the page. Does anyone know more in 2017? (:
  9. Hello, is there a way or a module that sends me some sort of notification when a customer changes his address-data or personal information?
  10. Well, they are not a big help :/ They are more or less suggesting to change the way we import items, but we can't really do that. So I was hoping to find a work-around.
  11. Hmm, I guess our import is a little more complex. We're using Store Commander and basically every product has one variant (color). And probably because of that the "base product" doesn't really exist. Or at least during the import there is not line for it, only for the variant. This works actually fine. The only problem is that we are using a translation-module that "saves" every product after it has been translated like when you are editing it manually. But because the "base product" is not checked as "active", saving the product will disable it. Can you follow?
  12. Now it says "Fatal error: Class 'AdminStatsController' not found in [...]/classes/controller/Controller.php on line 134"
  13. Hmm, I only have AdminStatsTabController.php but not AdminStatsController.php Only AdminStatesController.php.
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