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  1. Salut, Mai este functional acest modul ? Nu se mai gaseste pe link-ul de mai sus - a disparut.
  2. @nunofc, Try to change: ORDER BY ag.`position` ASC, a.`position` ASC, agl.`name` ASC'; to ORDER BY ag.`position` ASC, al.`name` ASC, a.`position` ASC, agl.`name` ASC';
  3. Of course not. Selected category has a lot of products.
  4. On ps it doesn't work. Shows only one product.
  5. Problems with Cart Abandonment Pro module

    Same problem here ! BUMP
  6. Hm , that sounds very good. Adding a checkbox in back office product list and showing content of a file in product.tpl for checked ones !!!! The only problem is : have no idea how to do it Following your instructions mentioned earlier , got a text field but it is not exactly what i need. Anyway the idea is super !
  7. I`m looking for same with no success. Any help will be appreciated !
  8. this solution has an output Initial delivery costs estimate :not found on ps 1.6.14 I need a working solution in order to show on product page a banner FREE DELIVERY