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  1. Well, that's it for me: I've tried everything I can think of to figure this out, and can't. This is the third minor issue I've been unable to solve on my own. I'm sad that I have to uninstall PrestaShop, and look for another solution, but if I can't solve simple problems in less than 24 hours, what's going to happen when I come up against something big?
  2. Rocky, as you can see by the image I attached, I cannot choose anything. The lone dropdown has one choice: Home. When I choose that, and try to save the module, I get the error message shown. I never get to the point where I can choose pages to put into the module. I'm just sort of stuck in an endless loop of one choice, and one error message.
  3. So, I went through the admin area, and changed the currency everywhere I could find to dollars. My site now displays prices in dollars in the admin---and in euros on the site. How do I make the products and cart display dollars? SOLVED: I tossed my cookies for the evening, and the currency display is now dollars everywhere
  4. I just installed 1.4 on my test box, and have all the default pages, products and such loaded. I'm trying to change the items listed on the CMS block module, and I think I'm missing something. Should there be a list of the default pages (delivery, legal notices, etc.) for me to choose from? All I get is a dropdown with the top level category, Home, in it. If I try to change the title of the block, I get this error: You must choose at least one page or subcategory to create a CMS block But, there's nothing there to choose from. Screen grab attached. Send help! Thanks.
  5. Can you upload a dummy file with the same name via the form, then FTP the real file to overwrite it?
  6. Ah, yes, my hosting company is a bit paranoid. I don't have the ability to change any server information, nor will they make even the simplest changes for me. The fix worked, and the error is gone for now. Thanks!
  7. After upgrading to 1.0, I'm getting this message at the top of my back office: Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/vollrath/public_html/shop/adminxxx/tabs/AdminAttributeGenerator.php on line 3 I tried re-uploading AdminAttributeGenerator.php. No change. What does this warning mean?
  8. The instructions say to create a new folder, and upload the contents of the zip file into it---and the zip file contains the installer. I followed the posted instructions to the letter, and they gave me two installs---one in my original folder, of RC5, and one in the new folder I created, of 1.0.
  9. I followed the upgrade instructions, and ended up with two installs---one of RC5, and one of 1.0, in different folders. I had perfect results by backing up RC5, then deleting the whole site (minus the database), and uploading 1.0. Then I copied over my old settings.config, img directory, and theme.
  10. Thanks for sharing this theme! Question: I loaded this theme last night on a fresh install of RC5, and I can't seem to get the Ajax cart to work. I'm not experiencing this when I use the default theme or PrestaSweet. Is anyone else having this issue?
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