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  1. hi all, can you please clarify what +Tx and -Tx actually mean? they are under "shopping-cart-product-line expression" i thought they meant plus tax and minus tax but i'm not really sure. please help
  2. i installed on 000webhost.com fine and here is the sample of the site www.tongfaafaasai.com
  3. yep i think i found one on this post http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/7127/modules/pico_cms_100_prestashop_1_dot_0_please_test havent used it myself but good luck
  4. which ftp client do you guys use to upload? you don't seem to mention anything about it. all i can see is safari, firefox and ie. i'm sure they are all web browser. how about the permission of /img folder, is it CHMOD777 all the way?
  5. hi strs156, excellent, it works for me now. however, there is 1 small issue related to it that is when you change the default currency and click SAVE the value of the new default and old default will be the same i.e. 1. To adjust that value, i need to click "update currencies rates" button and things will work fine. it would be nice though if by changing the default currency the rates change as well.
  6. hi all just installed 1.1 and found that there are no Combinations, Features, Customization and Discounts Tabs within "Add a new product" section; only Info and Images tabs are available. however, when looked at the existing sample products like ipod and stuff all those tabs were there. please see my images attached. is that normal or i have done something wrong? if i have, can anyone help please. thanks
  7. Hi debugginglife, i downloaded the new version 1.1 and it seems prestashop still have an old currency XML included. i have changed the link to http://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml and the currency still not updated correctly. since you are experience with this can you please be kind have a look at the new 1.1 version. thanks thanks
  8. THIS IS WIERD. I found out how i kept getting message saying Required field on the First name field. it was simply because my Shop Name contained "# and |" so if anyone getting the same problem first check your Shop Name to see if it contains non-alpha or non-numeric characters.
  9. Hi there just downloaded the 1.1 and tried to install but could only go as far as step 4 Shop configuration. here on step 4 i keep getting Required field on the first name eventhough it is filled with my first name. please help
  10. Hi Phillippe, thanks for your reply. in that case it would be nice to see that feature included as we don't have to check RMA section all the time. thanks for all your great work. well done. love it
  11. hi TropischBruin, initially i didn't. however, i've just done it and i can see the UK date format displaying correctly.
  12. hi i have changed the code within classes\Tools.php to the following: $language = Language::getLanguage(intval($id_lang)); if ($language AND strtolower($language['iso_code']) == 'fr') return ($tmpTab[2].'-'.$tmpTab[1].'-'.$tmpTab[0].($full ? $hour : '')); else return ($tmpTab[2].'-'.$tmpTab[1].'-'.$tmpTab[0].($full ? $hour : '')); and it seems my front end display UK date format correctly. however, in the back end, i found 1 page that didnt display UK date and that is when you click the "order" tab to see a list of orders
  13. Just a quick one, do we get the notification email when customers request an RMA? i have tried RMA a few times but i dont seem to get any notification email. I have set up a customer service email and i told prestashop to send notification email When customers send message from order page. please help
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