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  1. Sure, I just let you know about my case, as I was the topic opener. True, such a frustrating thing. It made me completely mad when I tried to fix it.
  2. Hi, I can tell the same as above. The shop is closed already, I've never been able to figure out why it has happened randomly. The most funny fact is that the same owner has a new shop developed which is based on the previous one and we haven't meet the issue since then.
  3. Sziasztok! Közben egy másik projekthez kellett nekem is újra. Igen, a PWS 2.2.1. már teljesen jó. (2.2.0-nál egy devizás dupla konverziós probléma volt, azt én jeleztem, de 1 napon belül korrektül megoldották a srácok!)
  4. Hi! I have the same. At one carrier when I switch the currency in the frontend, only 0,01 EUR is displayed as a shipping price. At the others everything works fine. Did you find a solution? Thanks!
  5. Hi! Unfortunetely the shop is closed already, so I can't help. We've never found the solution, always had to take care at the import process, and restart if needed.
  6. Sziasztok! Feléledt a projektem, és úgy néz ki szükség lesz a Foxpost PS illesztésre. Ez teljesen komoly, hogy 1 elviekben használható modul létezik, ami most épp nem használható? Mert az elkeserítő. Google-ben turkáltam, nem látok érdemben semmi mást. Köszi!
  7. Nálam egyelőre alvó projekt lett, amihez kellett, de ettől független figyelemmel kísérem a topikot. Köszönöm a reakciókat.
  8. Köszönöm az értékes infókat. Akkor viszont ez azt jelenti, hogy némi belenyúlással még amúgy működésre is lehet bírni, ha jól értem?
  9. A modul nem csak a célautomata listából/térképről választását kezeli? A tömeges feladás itt milyen szerepet játszik?
  10. Hi! Thanks for your reply. It seems that the issue persist still. I will give a try to your idea despite I've already tried to turn off overrides. However we have a product.php in overrides because of an extended length of product short description from 800 char to 2000. I will reply with the result.
  11. Sziasztok! A Foxpost és Postapont csomagküldő szállítási lehetőségeket szeretném beilleszteni PS webáruházunkba. Anno volt magyar Postapont modul, vásároltunk is linceszt, most egy EUR-ban (elég mélyen zsebbe nyúlós) változatot látok. Tudtok esetleg alternatívát? Valamint Foxpostnál bár rá is kérdeztem, de hátha valaki több tapasztalattal rendelkezik: az ő - ha jól látom ingyenes - moduljuk valami korai 1.7 alá készült, használja valaki, működik későbbi PS alatt is? Köszönöm.
  12. Hi Folks, It seems to be solved by a PS upgrade to the latest version. As far as we tested first on the clone site and then on the production site. Sorry, sites...multishop. It's weird because nothing in the changelog of 2 latest versions is related to the issue.
  13. Hi! I'm getting totally confused because I can't find a solution for long days for my issue already. What we have: A working PS 1.7.5 production MULTISHOP site with 2 shops, VPS (Apache/Nginx, PHP 7.2) and Transformer theme by S-T themes. The items are updated daily and we can't determine the start of this issue but it started to stop with the "error" message. I figured out that there's an Internal server error 500 by the ajax call. Even if only 2-3 columns are imported! Please see the screenshot below. Sometimes after 5 products, sometimes 15, absolutely random values. The site owner told me that sometimes he managed to finish it for 3rd-4th try, sometimes totally not. The CSV files seem to be perfect. I had a developement version of the site and I couldn't reproduce the issue. (I hardly believed the owner that the issue presists.) The biggest comedy that I cloned the site on the server to figure out what the problem was and after several tries surprisingly it started to work. They are in the same environment and I'm not able to mess it up again -> so I don't know the solution. What I tried: - To find a registry in the server error logs for the 500 error (Apache, Nginx) - PHP memory -> 512Mb - Checked input times (300-600s) - Regenerated .htaccess - Checked the product numbers inside the 2 shops (they are equal) - Turned off memcache - Turned off overrides (btw debug mode isn't working on the import page) - Turned off non-offical PS modules - Fixed all the folder and file permissions (755/644) - Tried to cut back and forth the input CSV-s - Checked for duplicated product references - Read all the forums - Tried to debug the error message with additional informations with no luck - PS service module -> DB fix and optimize - And a lot more.... Please can someone help? What should I check more? Thank you very much. You can save a man going crazy.
  14. Hello! My problem is that firstname and lastname fields are required at the billing address validation. People who need a different address to billing usually want to add a company without any personal name. But sometimes they want to add a person instead of a company. As I see in the class I can only modify basically the required flag for the firstname and lastname fields. So I want to leave them required for shipping and not required for billing. I haven't found a solution yet. Can anyone please help me? Thank you very much!
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